Protect Your Pets

Protective Pet Solutions is passionate about providing INNOVATIVE products to safeguard the quality of your pet’s life. The company was founded due the need to find a superior Equine eye protection product for the founder’s own horse who suffered with Uveitis.

The ingenious RECOVERY VIZOR™, made by Provizor of Australia, was then introduced to the US and over the past 3 years it has been used by thousands of horses and used/recommended by leading Veterinary University Hospitals, including UC Davis. It was recently recommended in the Equine Opthhmology Textbook by Dr. B Gilger.

It provides protection after Eye surgery, Wounds or Injuries, for Corneal Ulcers, Uveitis, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Eye Cancer, Photo-sensitivity or Blindness. Available in a Clear tint or Dark tint UV protected material and it can be worn in the barn or pasture. Will NOT collapse on eye even when rolling!

The EQUIVIZOR™ Fly Mask line provides 95% UV eye protection and is the first fly mask using straps with a Quick Release Safety Clip system. It’s actually designed to stay ON your horse and OFF the ground, novel idea right! PPS encourages customers to take the “Houdini Horse Challenge,” offering a 14-day money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose…except another fly mask! Even very naughty horses that constantly take fly masks off will tolerate this mask so much better!

For dogs, PPS offers the OPTIVIZOR ™, a medical UV eye protection product available in multiple sizes and styles to fit all breeds. It provides a snug, comfortable fit so dogs can run, play, eat and sleep while protected.

Perfect for after Eye surgery, Injuries, Photosensitivity, Chronic diseases such as Pannus, blindness, photo-sensitivity, plus search/rescue dogs! No more Cone!

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