No Antibiotics, No Medications

No Antibiotics, No Medications Used in Integrity Horse Feeds Facility. Star Milling Co. has announced that its facility will manufacture all feeds without the inclusion of antibiotics or medications effective January 1, 2017.

This change applies to all products produced at their facility in Perris, CA, including the brands Integrity, Ace Hi, Kelley’s, Star Milling Co. and Ultra Balance.

William Cramer Jr., President of Star Milling, said, “We’re excited to be one of the few feed producers of our size in the U.S. to manufacturer without the use antibiotics or medications. There have been increasing concerns regarding these drugs. We feel this is the right thing to do to mitigate microbial antibiotic resistance.”

“Customers of Star Milling Co. and its brands can be assured their animals are consuming safe and wholesome feeds,” added Cramer. Star Milling Co. will continue to use ingredients which are scientifically proven to improve animal health and productivity.

Star Milling will begin transitioning its tags, bags, labels, and literature to include the logo and statements below.

  • “Star Milling Co. is solely a Non-Medicated Feed Manufacturer”
  • “Star Milling is a medication/drug free facility that does not blend antibiotics, anthelmintics, ionophores or coccidiostats into any of the feeds it produces.”

Star Milling Co.’s family of feeds are available in feed stores throughout California, Arizona, and Hawaii. To find a store near you, call Star Milling at (800) 733-6455 or go to