White Pine Horse Races Offers Record Purse

The stakes are raised for one of Ely’s most popular events. The purse for this year’s White Pine Horse Racing Quarter Horse Stakes Race will be more than $18,000. It’s the largest in the history of the White Pine Horse Races, which began in 1934. This year’s races will run from Aug. 19 – 21, 2022 at the White Pine County Fairgrounds. 

Don’t miss the best entertainment in White Pine County of the entire season,” said Marietta Henry, horse race director. “It’s a great opportunity to visit with friends, and those who have come from far away places to join us for the very best in horse racing.” 

“This year we will be hosting the White Pine Horse Racing Quarter Horse Stakes Race. This race will be for horses 3 years old and older, with a $400 entry fee. The purse will be $15,000 and with the entry fee added will be $18,200. We have increased our Average

Bottom Purse this year to $6,500, for the highest amount ever in our races,” says Henry.

For spectators, there’s also a chance to take home some serious cash thanks to the unique pari-mutuel betting format. Unlike most other forms of betting, the odds are not fixed. Rather than placing a bet against the race track, as one would with a bookie, horse racing bettors are wagering against each other. For this reason, the payouts on a single wager could range anywhere from less than the actual amount wagered to astronomical amounts.

White Pine County Fair

Of course, the horse races are only part of the fun. The weekend also features the White Pine County Fair. The schedule is chock full of fun, community events, including a rodeo, 4H exhibits, livestock auctions, and an arts and crafts market. There’s also a volunteer firefighter barbecue on Friday, and live music from the “Plowed Under Band” and “Most Wanted.” Many of the livestock available were raised by local Ely students, who use the proceeds to benefit their college funds. 


Ely: Located about 240 miles from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, Ely is one of Nevada’s best-kept secrets and perfect for people who want to create their own adventures off the beaten path. Sitting on the Eastern edge of “The Loneliest Highway” (U.S. Highway 50), Ely is a great base camp for some of the best outdoor recreation in Nevada, all year round; from mountain biking and climbing to hiking and hot springs. It’s also just a short drive to Great Basin National Park, home of the magnificent Lehman Caves and ancient Bristlecone pine forests.

 Ely was founded as a stagecoach station along the Pony Express, and its rich history is celebrated in a series of murals that decorate downtown. Visitors can also step back in time at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, a National Historic Landmark which offers visitors the opportunity to experience an actual working railroad and provides excursions on steam and diesel locomotives. For more information visit:http://elynevada.net/