Three best books about horses

Reading a good book can be an engrossing experience. There are many who prefer to watch a movie rather than reading a book. However, the number of book lovers is no less insignificant. For these bibliophiles, the films can be less thrilling and exciting than their book versions.

Horse lovers not only like to keep themselves updated about all the Grand National 2022 runners but they also love to read about their most favourite animal.

And so below we have listed some of the best books about horses.

1- Black Beauty (Anna Sewell)

If you are looking for a good book to read, then you cannot do better than Black Beauty. It is a novel written by English author Anna Sewell and it was first published in 1877.

Black Beauty became an immediate best seller, with the English author dying just a few months after its publication. The novel revolves around a horse named Black Beauty who faces many hardships in his life. The whole story is told in the first person as an autobiographical memoir. Each chapter in the book tells about an incident in the protagonist’s life, which also contains a lesson related to kindness and sympathy.

2- National Velvet (Enid Bagnold)

National Velvet is a novel written by Enid Bagnold and it was first published in 1935. This is a fascinating read for all horse lovers. The story revolves around a 14-year-old girl named Velvet Brown who tries to achieve horse racing glory by training her horse The Piebald.

National Velvet was later made into a movie in 1944, which became a big commercial success. The Clarence Brown directed film, which starred 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor in the main role, was also very well received by the critics and also won two Oscars.

3- The Black Stallion (Walter Farley)

The Black Stallion is also one of the best books for horse racing lovers. It is written by Walter Farley who became very famous for writing primarily about horse stories for children.

The Black Stallion was first published in 1941. The novel is mainly about a teenager Alec Ramsay and an untamed, apparently wild black stallion. The story takes a dramatic turn when Alec and the horse are stranded together on a desert island after a storm causes their ship to sink.

The book was also made into an adventure film which was first released in 1979. Made against a budget of just $2.7 million, The Black Stallion garnered around $37 million at the box office.