Crescent City fans make annual trek to Red Bluff for rodeo, more

The Red Bluff Round-Up is a lot of fun for its fans, but for residents of Crescent City, Calif., it’s a grand time.

That’s because about forty Crescent Citians have made the five-and-a-half hour trip from the coast to Red Bluff for the past 25 years to watch the rodeo. 

They convoy east to Red Bluff, arriving on the Wednesday of rodeo week, this year April 13. This year, seven RVs will be on hand, camping in the same spot they’ve camped in for years.

The Crescent City group attends all three Round-Up performances, this year April 15-17, and they get their tickets together in the north grandstand, “close to the beer stands and the bathrooms,” jokes Tammy Wakefield, who has made the trip to the Round-Up nearly every year since her high school days in the late 1980s.

Crescent City fans enjoy a meal at the Red Bluff Round-Up. A group from Crescent City has attended the rodeo every year since the early 1990s; there are more than forty planning on being at this year’s Round-Up, which takes place April 15-17. Photo by Tammy Wakefield.

“We’ve (sat) in the rain and the heat,” she said of the north grandstands, “but we can see the horse races when they come down the track, and we have the best view.”

Wakefield’s parents, Tap and Lora Fausey, came to the Round-Up when she was young. It wasn’t till she was in high school that Wakefield had a chance to come, and then she was hooked.

“I got to go one year, and then I wanted to go every year,” she said. “My kids were the same way.” She married her husband Doug in 1992; their kids, Brianna and Colin, didn’t come to the rodeo when they were toddlers, but by the age of five, they were attending nearly every year. 

“We took the kids one year, and now they won’t miss it. It’s been so much fun.”

“It’s so fun, and all the little kids have fun,” Wakefield said. “It’s fun to see the new generations enjoying the rodeo.”

A group of Crescent City, Calif. fans, organized by Tammy Wakefield, has sat in the north grandstands at the Red Bluff Round-Up every year since the early 1990s. They bring their RVs and stay for five days, taking in the rodeo and Eleven Days activities. Photo by Tammy Wakefield.

The group does more than attend the rodeo. They sometimes go to the Chamber Mixer and the parade. The men golf a day, while the women stay at camp, or shop downtown.

And there’s plenty of food and beverages, too. “We stay on the grounds and don’t really leave,” Wakefield said. They have a big oyster feed one night, and everyone brings grills and they take turns preparing meals. “We always try to outdo each other,” Wakefield said.

The best part is spending time and seeing their friends. Wakefield and the others have made friends with Round-Up personnel. She loves talking to board president John Trede, board member Harry Dudley, office manager Kathy Sibert and others as well. 

Sunday is her favorite day at the Round-Up, because of the Wild Ride. They enjoy the horse races too, and do some betting between themselves on the races.

The second generation of Crescent City, Calif. kids smile for the camera at a recent Red Bluff Round-Up. A group of Crescent City friends and family has attended the rodeo every year since the 1990s. Photo by Tammy Wakefield.

It’s a great way to spend time with friends and have fun, she said.

“It’s always a lot of fun.” 

The 2022 Red Bluff Round-Up takes place April 15-17, with performances at 7 pm on April 15, 2:30 pm on April 16 and 1:30 pm on April 17. 

Tickets are $20-$40 and can be purchased online at, at the Round-Up office, and at the gate. For more information, visit the website or call 530.527.1000.