The first thing you will notice about Brazil’s National Horse Breed, is the enormous sense of pride held by Brazilian breeders and the place of honor that Mangalarga Marchador horses hold within their culture. Having been selectively bred for over 180 yearswith more than half a million registered horses in Brazil, few Americans are familiar with this breed.

The passion for Mangalarga Marchador horses creates a deep-rooted connection between Brazil and American breeders that exists today. “Horses” can be considered a “universal language”. No matter where you are in the world, whether you own a horse or not, it’s the love of horses that can connect you to others and form bonds of friendship that span the globe.There areapproximately 400 horses in the U.S. due to the complexity of importing and small number of American breeders, who along with owners, are anavid group as a whole and 100% passionate about this Brazilian breed. Marchadors have truly captured the hearts of owners in America!

It was only thirty years ago, in 1992 that the first seven imported Marchador horses arrived in the U.S. Two Brazilian men, Gabriel Andrade of Fazenda Calciolandia in Brazil and Lucas Guerra living in Miami Florida, established the first Marchador breeding farm, MM Horse Farmswith a breeding name of “De Miami”. Their partnership laid the foundation bloodlines for the “first generation of Mangalarga Marchador horses” that werebred and born in America. They believed that smooth gaited Marcha Picada horses from Calciolandia bred with strong Herdade bloodlines would create the comfortable type of gaited horses that Americans would find desirable.


Rancho Linda Marchadores (Bonsall, CA) is one of several breeders who participated in Equitana 2001,at Lexington KY, tointroduce the Mangalarga Marchador to the American market with a small number of imported and domestic horses.Born at MM Horse Farms in 1995, “one single stallion”, Batuque De Miami now 27 years old (shown on cover), was the first Mangalarga Marchador in California in 2001. Fiesta of The Spanish Horse and Horse Expo events furthered breed recognition, along with the presentation of 9 Marchador horses in the 2002 Rose Parade.As one of the primary stallions in the U.S. that has the Marcha Picada gait, Batuque De Miami has resumed breeding and has a legacy of offspring that reaches four generations.


Over the next two decades (2001 to present), shipments of imported Mangalarga Marchador horses and breeding with frozen semen have contributed the historic and modern Brazilian bloodlines, which are needed in America. Due to the effort made by members of the U.S. Mangalarga Marchador Association (USMMA) and independent American breeders, the breeding standards of the Associação Brasileira dos Criadores do Cavalo Mangalarga Marchador (ABCCMM), are carefully followed. As the official organization authorized to register horses in Brazil, the ABCCMM inspection of American purebred horses is an important event. When approved for conformation (strict measurements are recorded), demonstrating a proper Marcha gait (Marcha Picada or Marcha Batida) and an evaluation of temperament, the trademarked Mangalarga Marchador breed M brand is affixed on the horse’s right shoulder to signifyeligibility for ABCCMM registration.

“It’s a big responsibility to represent another country’s national horse breed” says Linda Holst. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase Batuque De Miami 22 yrs. ago and begin a fantastic journey promoting this breed, importing mares for my stallion to breed and building friendships with the wonderful horse breeders in Brazil who supported our efforts.”





When Claudia Bellandi moved to Ocala Florida from Brazil in 2013, she brought 11 horses including 3 Mangalarga Marchadors. The Brazilian horse association ABCCMM contacted her to ask if she would devote energy to represent this Brazilian breed at American events. Since then, she has exhibited the breed in numerous events such as PBR Nationals in Nashville and Las Vegas and her Marchador stallion Imperador das Aguas JM was selected to be the 2016 BreyerFest Carnival Celebration Horse. Now, she supports American breeders by importing stallions, offering frozen semen and embryos. Each year Claudia sponsors a Brazilian reproduction technician to come to her farm in April – June to ensure that a large number of horses are bred.


What’s next for the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador breed in America? We need more of these special, wonderful, gaited horses to be available!

“You might call it Marchadors 2.0, since I belong to a younger generation of breeders and owners of Mangalarga Marchador horses in America”, says Daniel Pulliam. “I partnered with Bonsall CA breeder Rancho Linda Marchadores to show their horses at the September 2021 Del Mar Labor Day Classic and coordinated multiple owners and breeders from across the country to show 14 Marchadors in the Jingle Bell Show in December.”

“All Marchador owners were invited to participate in the shows but due to the cross country distance, it was not economically feasible.It also became clear that the geographical distance between owners is why this breed is relatively unknown in the U.S. and makes breeding difficult.” With a vision to build harmony between geographical regions and also create a network of cooperating breeders, Daniel sees Marchadors 2.0 as the future of the breed in America.

“It takes the wisdom of age and experience, but also the energy of youth to succeed in the future” adds Rancho Linda Marchador owner Linda Holst. “Daniel is the next generation that will carry on what I’ve developed both for foundation breeding stock and marketing for the past 22 years. By being inclusive rather than exclusive, the breed will be able to improve and grow in numbers.”

Utilizing his AQHA experience from breeding top Quarter Horses for barrel racing along with his aunt Linda Stenerson (past director of the National Barrel Horse Association and a Senior World Champion), Daniel Pulliam has initiated an online forum to advertise available stallions and offers stallion management and mare breeding services at a reproduction center in Bonsall.

“Considering the relative rarity of this breed, it’s clear to me that the most important contribution I can make to the Mangalarga Marchador owners in America, is to assist a network of mare owners to either find the right stallion and have semen shipped to them or actually offer them reproduction services”.

This breeding season, breedersRancho De Los Cielos (Riverside CA), Rancho Linda Marchadores (Bonsall, CA), Monarch Marchadors (Bonsall, CA), High Country Marchadors (Pagosa Springs, CO), and CC Bellandi Marchadors (Ocala, FL) are diligently working together to step up their breeding program. Mares from California and Colorado have been shipped to Ocala, Florida and mares from Montana have been shipped to California to obtain embryos in addition to having their mares carry foals.

Marchadors 2.0 is an ambitious mission that requires full commitment and cooperation from as many Marchador owners and dedicated breeders as possible.

Since the breed census is small in numbers compared to other breeds and the initial group of Mangalarga Marchador horses are aging out of their ability to reproduce as they get older, it will require this next generation of horses and owners to become the foundation for the future. By matchmaking mares with stallion owners, by providing support and training for ABCCMM inspections to occur at the minimum age of 3 yrs. withBrazilian registration, to have them be eligible for breeding, the future of the breed looks bright. All Marchador owners are welcome to become breeders!

“It’s up to us to improve the breed and move the breed forward,” says Claudia Bellandi. “I am willing to offer what assistance I can with ABCCMM registration. Most often, when people begin their personal journey into the world of horses, they may not know where the journey will take them. We invite everyone to enjoy our Brazilian culture and have their own Marchador horse.”

It will take a “Village” to expand the impact of Mangalarga Marchadors in America and with the assistance of social media and translation apps, Americans and Brazilians, who don’t speak each other’s native language, are united in a common cause!

You can hear the Rancho Linda Marchadores Mangalarga Marchador story on their podcast interview by Equestrian Adventuresses.

Horse Podcast Ep 227: Mangalarga Marchador – The Gaited Horse of Brazil


To begin your journey with available Mangalarga Marchador horses for sale, see Facebook group “Mangalarga Marchadors for sale in USA”. Daniel Pulliam can be reached by email: or call Mangalarga Marchador Breeders Registry (MMBR) 1-800-689-1320.