Landscape Renovations That Really Pay Off

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April showers will soon bring May flowers … or a slushy mud pit if your yard is more untended jungle than Martha Stewart perfection. If you want to get the most out of your outdoor space—as a lush oasis to relax in all summer, or a valuable amenity if you’re hoping to sell your home—it’s time to start thinking about going the whole nine yards on your yard

Cut your irrigation costs. The ASLA calls drought-tolerant plants a top trend for 2017. “here is a huge demand for xeriscaping.

Freshen up what you have. Chances are your yard is running a little wild already, so cleanup comes first. In addition to pruning trees and trimming shrubs, the most inexpensive and important way to update your yard is to keep it weed-free.

Plant plenty of trees. Trees are one of the few things that truly appreciate over time.

Carve out an outdoor living room. Fire pits and permeable paving are right after low-maintenance landscaping on the American Society of Landscape Architects’ top 10 list of the outdoor elements consumers desire.