Keeping Cool & Hydrated

Bar-Bar A
Bar-Bar-A does not use electricity or have stale standing water with algae. By pushing on the paddle the animal receives and drinks water. After finishing drinking the remaining water drains back into the ground leaving an empty bowl. This means that there is no water left behind to freeze in the winter, get hot in the summer, and grow algae or mosquito eggs. With no mosquito attraction, West Nile Virus and Zika Virus can be limited and the standing water which becomes the breeding ground for rodents, birds, disease is not an issue.
In the summer the water comes up cooler and in the winter it is warmer because the water in the waterline is buried in the ground. Clean water at the right temperature is pleasing for animals to drink. This means more water consumption and results in healthier animals. Bar-Bar-A Drinkers are easy to install, low maintenance and easy for the animals to learn to use. For more information please visit the website 800-451-2230

Redmond Minerals
A horse’s daily routine rarely looks the same. Even with a balanced diet, mineral deficiencies can still occur, resulting in a loss of energy, health, and performance.
Nourish your horse with natural Redmond Rock! Our supplements are sourced from an ancient seabed and provide horses with a full spectrum of crucial minerals.
• All-natural Redmond Rock products:
• Deliver 60+ trace minerals balanced by nature
• Replenish electrolytes and trigger hydration
• Promote healthy joints, hooves, coat, and support essential functions
Redmond Rock is available in a solid lick or loose mineral form for easy feeding. Pair both products to give your horse optimal results.
Redmond Rock Crushed: Top-dress on feed to ensure your horse receives a daily serving of salt and minerals.
Redmond Rock/Rock on a Rope: Supply a free-choice rock to satisfy additional mineral demands on hot or strenuous days.
Whether in a lick or loose form, you’ll feel good knowing your horse is getting the finest minerals available. Support your horse’s energy demands with Redmond Rock and help them find better balance inside and out. Redmond Rock can be found at

Rainbow Livestock Waterers
Rainbow Horse and Livestock Waterers are reliable, easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain! A perfect option for your stall, paddock or pasture. Connects to any water supply system and mounted to any structure by bolt connection. There are no sharp edges to injure your animals; all materials are FDA approved and non-toxic for water consumption. Made in the USA and built of top quality materials. Provides years of reliable trouble-free service, all while supplying your animals with a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. Rainbow Horse and Livestock Waterers also offer heated waterers. For questions or more information visit their website or call 760-728-4241.