. . . only the ones we want to be happy and healthy

There is no surprise that almost every horse owner has at least one dog. Loyal companions that hang with us at the barn; keep us company on the long ride home after a trying weekend showing or using “ole Dobbin”; dogs that ride with us to the feed store; and like us even when we’re cranky. These loving accomplices don’t even talk back.

They choose to be by our sides and ask nothing in return. Their limited requirements include some decent nourishment, a bit of heart pounding exercise and a leader in their pack. That’s you. Part of your leadership role can be executed by thoroughly grooming, bathing and shedding these worthy comrades. After all, we groom our mounts on a regular basis. It only stands to reason that our K-9 pals need healthy hair-coats as well.

The grooming process removes dander and lifts natural oils to the surface in order to make a healthy and shiny coat. During this process, unwanted pests like fleas and ticks or scaly fungi may be discovered and eliminated. Now that’ll make your puppy perky.

The hands-on contact of the grooming process gets deep into the large muscle groups and stimulates blood flow. The invigorating massage promotes increased oxygen levels helping to revitalize hard-used muscles. This refreshing touch helps young and old alike to recover quickly from soreness as a result of high expectations on the trail or in the dog park.

What better way to take a close look at your dog than by grooming? We ask our critters to be in all manner of sketchy environments like running in the woods, hanging around snake-friendly paddocks and barns, sharp “thingies” protruding from hay bales and fence rows. The list is endless. A simple grooming session may reveal an infected puncture wound that, when caught early, only becomes a slight inconvenience instead of a weekend wrecking vet bill.

Almost all dogs shed. The ones that are “shed-free” by design are generally flavors we don’t see in a horse environment. For the sake of argument, we’ll just assume your dog sheds if you’re reading this article. You can find shed hair in only two places . . . on your dog or on all your stuff. Shed hair is hair that has turned loose from the hair-follicle but is still trapped on your pet amongst the still growing hair. If you don’t remove it with a grooming tool, then it will turn loose in the backseat of your truck, on your couch, in your bed, your living room carpet and on your pastor’s black pants when he comes to find out why you haven’t been in church lately.

Well, we’ve hit on removing dander and creating strong, healthy haircoats. Made good points about positive contact with our dogs and the benefit of massage. We decided that taking a close look at “ole Rover” might just give you a heads-up on a condition you haven’t seen yet. And we have figured out that hair is coming out whether you control it or not. But the one point we have not considered is that it is just plain fun to be with your dog. If you continue to be the leader of his/her pack they in turn will be loving, forgiving, loyal and completely honest all of the time. They will remain healthy and live a long and fun life as a partner that won’t max out the credit card. So . . . DO YOU NEED TO GROOM YOUR DOG?

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