And the winner is…” DEL MAR HORSEPARK! Lease awarded to Dale Harvey

Good news for the new year!
Thanks to all of your efforts and support, the State of California 22nd Agricultural District (DAA) has selected Dale Harvey, CEO of West Palms Events, to manage Horsepark.
Here’s the first article published:
West Palm Events To Manage Horsepark

Harvey has big plans to restore Del Mar Horsepark as a world-class event facility, including

  • Water remediation—develop and implement engineering & construction plan and best management practices for a medium CAFO (500 horses or less) acceptable to the San Diego Regional Quality Control Board.
  • Renovations—improve arena footing, renovate horse stalls, barn aisles, and existing buildings, etc.
  • Therapy riding center--offer proven equine therapy that helps kids, veterans, and first responders with balance, core strength, and confidence-building exercises.
  • Horse and other events—resume horse shows and add dog shows, fund-raisers and other events appropriate to Horsepark and its semi-rural neighborhood.

West Palms Events currently oversees production and management of international horse shows in Del Mar and Sacramento, as well as United States Equestrian National shows in Los Angeles, Flintridge, Huntington Beach, and Woodside.

“We have been producing world class show jumping competitions in California for over 20 years,” said Dale Harvey. “Many of our top-level events have been at Horsepark, as well as at the Del Mar International Horse Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.”

Harvey has plans to enhance the facility with both equestrian and non-equestrian events. “We are excited to work with the 22nd DAA to get the facility back on track,” he commented. “It’s an incredible location and we hope to attract all kinds of activities for the community. We are collaborating with Cornerstone Therapeutic Riding Center and plan to bring therapy riding activities to the Horsepark.”

Friends of Del Mar Horsepark rallied supporters to save this historic facility, the last remaining horse show venue and public riding school in San Diego County, after the 22nd DAA abruptly closed it on December 18, 2021.

We started the Change.Org petition that continues to gather more signatures and grow awareness to protect this public treasure.

Donors contributed to hiring Tory Walker, a well-respected and experienced storm water engineering consultant. He provided the 22nd DAA staff and Board with a review of Horsepark’s existing water protection infrastructure that reduces the cost of water remediation.

The 22nd DAA solicited bids equestrian operators to lease and operate Horsepark through a competitive RFP process. The successful bidder, Dale Harvey, will operate the venue, fund needed improvements that include water remediation, and provide steady lease income to the 22nd DAA as outdoor events are pandemic resistant.

Friends of Del Mar Horsepark congratulates Dale Harvey for stepping up to restore this community treasure. We also thank local city, county, and state representatives, the Del Mar Fairgrounds Board, the 22nd DAA staff, the residential neighborhoods surrounding Horsepark, the San Dieguito River Park Conservancy, and the 17,140 supporters who signed our petition on the Change.Org site—Save Del Mar Horsepark.