2022 Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo Weekend Results

Overall 2022 Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo Team Results

1st– McFarlane Quarter Horses – Wilder, Idaho

2nd– C7 Cattle – Gooding, Idaho

3rd– Jim Ranch – Owyhee, Nevada

4th– Ride Em and Slide Em – Bruneau, Idaho

5th– Vanbelle Ranch – Paisley, Oregon

McFarlane Quarter Horses with Calcutta winner Brynn Lehman

Pictured left to right: Brynn Lehman, Zalin Arritola, Jaylen Eldridge, Jerad McFarlane, Kaite McFarlane, and Ryan MacKenzie

Event Champions

Team Branding – McFarlane Quarter Horses

Ranch Doctoring – McFarlane Quarter Horses

Wild Mugging – C7 Cattle

Trailer Loading – C7 Cattle

Team Roping – C7 Cattle

Steer Stop – Kaite McFarlane, McFarlane Quarter Horses

Saddle Bronc – Zalin Arritola, McFarlane Quarter Horses

Overall 2022 Winnemucca Women’s Ranch Hand Rodeo Team Results

NK Ranch – Owyhee, Nevada

Tri State – Winnemucca, Nevada

Miller Livestock Solutions – Bruneau, Idaho

Kiel Livestock – Lovelock, Nevada

Young Guns – Nampa, Idaho

NK Ranch with Calcutta winner Monel Bilant

Pictured Left to Right: Miss Reno Rodeo Kaili Hill, Katie Cavasin, Addy Hill, Jessica Kelly, Timmy Lyn DeLong, Monel Bilant, and NSJHSRA Princess Kayleigh Marshall

Event Champions

Team Roping – Miller Livestock Solutions

Tie Down Roping – Miller Livestock Solutions

Branding – Miller Livestock Solutions

Trailer Loading/Doctoring – NK Ranch

2022 Winnemucca Cow Dog Trials

Brace Class –

  • 1st- Brian Jacobs with GS Mojo & RKB Lacy
  • 2nd- John Rose with Tuffy & Toby
  • 3rd- Jeffery Horner with Gun & Tesla

Open Class –

  • 1st- Paula Gow with Ko Jack
  • 2nd- Jeff Clausen with Ruthe
  • 3rd- David Gordon with Nuck
  • 4th- Brian Jacobs with GS Mojo
  • 5th- JR Bailey with JJ

Intermediate Class –

  • 1stJohn Rose with BJ Toby
  • 2nd- Shauna Moser with Sophie
  • 3rd- Gina Liberini with 2S Echo

Ranch Class –

  • 1st – Chantelle Nielsen with Jack
  • 2nd- Trev Moser with Jude
  • 3rd- Sylvia Arnett with Becca

Nursery Class –

  • 1st- Brian Jacobs with Ransom
  • 2nd- Mike Collins with Pie
  • 3rd- JR Bailey with JJ

**All below pictured with Matt Wilson from Outlaw Saddles & Silver and NSJHSRA Princess Kayleigh Marshall 

Brace Champion – Brian Jacobs with GS Mojo & RKB Lacy

Open Class Champion – Paula Gow with Ko Jack

Ranch/Novice Class Champion – Chantelle Nielsen with Jack

Intermediate Class Champion- John Rose with BJ Toby

Nursery Class Champion – Brian Jacobs with Ransom

2022 Winnemucca Ranch, Rope & Performance Horse Sale 

Top Selling Horse $36,000 – Mobsters Hideout – Consigned by Tom & Carmen Buckingham – Buyer Joree Anderson from Winnemucca, Nevada

Overall Sale Average: $12,640

Top 10 Sale Average: $19,250

2022 Champion Wild Horse Racing Team

Team Noland – pictured Jess Noland, Leroy Morningowl, Avon Garcia and April Wilkinson from
Outlaw Saddles & Silver