Hawthorne Country Store

Hawthorne Country Store is a family owned feed, pet, livestock and homestead supply. We have been open for over 22 years. ( I always remember how long we have been open because I was pregnant with our younger son Gabe when we started). We are in a historic building which has been a feed store for over 100 years. My parents, and my husband Terry and I wanted to open a business together where we could do some- thing we liked and have our kids with us at work. We sat down and each made a list of the things we were interest in. Dad’s list was hardware, equipment, and tools. Mom’s list was quilting, canning, and gardening. My list was equestrian, pet animals, and live- stock. Terry’s list was comic books and donuts. We thought we could accommodate most of that under a “Country Store” (except Terry’s).

Hawthorne Country Store is an equipment, information, idea and supply source for food creation and preservation, Equestrian lifestyle and Country Living with pets and livestock. We have evolved into specializing in “pets with benefits” such as chickens and goats from beginning to end. Baby chicks, through cheese making. We carry and promote gardening, bee keeping, ranch ware, riding apparel, leather work, tack, saddlery, stable supplies, wild birding canning, fermentation etc…

My personal impetus in homesteading and country life is directly related to my parents and their upbringing. My mother’s parents were missionaries and they did not have a lot of money. They were gleaners and taught my Mom (Suzy) to preserve available food for future use. She then used these skills throughout my childhood. She made our clothes, there was never room under our beds because they were always full of canning jars, full and empty; and we skimmed the

My Dad raised project animals as a kiddo and brought home elk and squab from hunt- ing trips. My Dad and I both grew up on horseback. We trekked all over the North County hills. Our love of horses has never waned. Any day I get to kiss a muzzle is a good day. Our family grew a large garden and propagated fruit trees. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to buy fruit on the bottom yogurt, and wear jordache or ditto jeans. However those memories and that skill set was unique and as an adult I realized not everyone had that knowledge. I learned that those skills were not only rare, but maybe endangered. That became a core of what we do now.

I was born and raised in Escondido, but I consider all of San Diego my home. My Dad’s family built their home and moved to Escondido when he was 5, I think that was 1955. My Mom has lived here over 40 years. My husband Terry is a so-cal native as well. My Dad Brian passed away a few years ago. His model of hard work, honesty, and commitment to moving forward is the legacy I am living and intend to pass to our boys Jake and Gabe who grew up in the store and still work with us full time. When Dad knew he was dying he said to me that I had an important job to do, it was a big job and he believed in me. That is the fuel that keeps me moving in our shared passions. The expansion of offerings, and our service area is key to serving our community. San Diego is becoming more and more populous and the large animal backyard market is moving further and further out. We now offer a full time outside sales specialist who is available to help review and create feeding programs for all animal endeavors from Camels and Bears to Broodmares and Puppies Abby is trained to help. We have expanded our service area by adding The Fallbrook store and now the Santee locations to our original headquarters in Escondido.


Open 9-6 Monday – Friday
Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4

Three Locations:
675 W Grand Ave
Escondido, CA 92025

2762 S Mission Road
Fallbrook, CA 92028

10845 Woodside Ave.
Santee, CA 92071