What Every Show Horse Needs for that Extra Show Comfort & Competitive Edge!

Are you looking for the best and easiest way to keep your show horse comfortable, rested, clean and OFF the hard show stall ground? Performatz by Value Foam, Inc., makers of premium medical and veterinary orthotic foams, materials, and mat products has come up with the solution — Showmatz.

Applying our advanced close-cell technology and manufacturing process utilized in our medical and veterinary orthotic products we can no now offer that same application for a cushioned, lightweight , durable, interlocking, easily movable, and hygienic show stall mat kit to the equine show world. Our new traveling Showmatz Kit consists of nine interlocking 3’x3’ size mats with etra 1 ¼” orthotic cushioned thickness that easily slip into three washable canvas bags with carrying straps and a collapible carry cart for easy transport. Our Showmatz Kit cover a total of nine square feet, which is more than adquate for any 10’x10’ show stall, or show grooming stall, on hard ground or concrete.

Whether a show beginner or World Cup competitor, both our larger-sized permanate stall Performatz and now our portable Showmatz offer that extra competive edge by making your show horse more comfortable, better rested, and with faster soreness recovering at a show on our cushioned orthotic mats. We should know, we’ve matted some of the best champion horses in the Enlish, Western, and Thoroughbred Race industries from California to Florida to Canada – our most recent champion being the 2016 $6 million Breeders Cup winner, Arrogate, who this year also won the 2017 $12 million Pegasus World Cup and 2017 $10 million Dubia World Cup.