Western States Horse Expo Clinicians

warwick-schillerWarwick Schiller
A lifelong equestrian of varying disciplines, Warwick Schiller moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the United States to pursue his dream of training horses. He focused his competitive efforts on reining, eventually becoming a National Reining Horse Association Reserve World Champion and representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games. His unique ability to convey his knowledge to others became apparent when he successfully went on to coach individuals who garnered coveted reining titles and a fellow WEG team member. In 2012, Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship was founded in an effort to help individuals form a better relationship with their horses and a cultivate deeper understanding of the foundation on which all successful horse training is built. Warwick’s life as a videographer and multi-discipline educator began. He also set course for many, many clinics around the world. www.warwickschiller.com

Erika Jansson

Erika’s Cavaletti clinic helps the rider create a sport horse that is highly responsive, maneuverable, can rapidly and smoothly collect or extend the gaits, stop, turn, and remain balanced. Erika’s 45 minutes of instruction deliver results that other training doesn’t accomplish in years. Best known for her ability to achieve fast results with no pressure for the horse or the rider, she supplies her students (two & four-legged) with volumes of empathy and encouragement. The motto of the clinic is All Breeds, All Disciplines, All Levels. Dubbed the Cavaletti Lady, Erika brings 30 plus years of exceptional knowledge and career accomplishments from her native Sweden as well as Germany, New Zealand, and California. Her unsurpassed equine education took off with Team Eriksson’s 120 trot horses in training. This position was followed up by two years of Horse College in Skara, Sweden. The program included horse science, shoeing, nutrition and studies on breeds and bloodlines. www.ejdressage.com

Monty Roberts

Recently named Horse & Hound magazine’s List of 50 Greatest Horsemen of All Time, Monty Roberts is the creator of the world-renowned and revolutionary equine training technique called Join~Up®. Monty travels the world demonstrating that non-violent, gentle training creates breakthrough performance as you partner with your horse. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win eleven world’s championships in the show ring. Today, Monty’s goal is to share his message that “Violence is never the answer.” Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training. www.MontyRoberts.com, www.MontyRobertsUniversity.com

david-lichman-thumbnailDavid Lichman
David Lichman is a 5-Star Master Parelli Professional with a specialty in Liberty Horses. He has performed across the continent with his three-horse act, which includes bridle-less riding and riding to music. He is the creator of Liberty Outside the Round Pen, a Parelli Mastery Series release, available for streaming and on DVD, in which David gives step-by-step instructions on building a connection that resists distractions, enabling students to play at Liberty with exuberance in large open areas. David lives in California with his wife, two children, ten horses, four dogs, four cats and dozens of chickens, pigeons and canaries. Visit his web site at: DavidLichman.com for information on educational materials, courses and long-distance video coaching. David is a strong supporter of Equine Assisted Therapy for all humans, but especially for veterans returning from service. David also has a specialty in Gaited Horses. Following a World Grand Championship win in the Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horse division, David has spent the last 25 years working with horses from every gaited breed. He has a series of best-selling educational products, Gaited Horses, Naturally!, that shows how to have great success with a more natural approach. David teaches all over the world, helping students find a better relationship with their horses on the ground and riding. www.davidlichman.com

carla-thumbnail2Carla Bauchmueller
Carla Bauchmueller has been passionate about horses since her childhood. After earning a Masters degree in economics, she decided to follow her childhood dream of working with horses and riders professionally. She took a 2- year full-time training at the FS-Equestrian Center in Reken, Germany, an innovative equestrian center for exploring new ways of being with and riding horses. She understood that independent of the style of riding and the level of experience, better balance and feel and a clearer mind set makes a good rider, and that this is indeed teachable. As a Centered Riding clinician and a yoga and meditation instructor, Carla teaches female riders 40+ to understand their bodies and their emotions better and find a way to communicate much more quietly and subtly with their horses, in the saddle and on the ground. Carla currently offers clinics and distance learning courses, with clients in Europe and the US, working with owners who want to connect more deeply with their horses, in the saddle and on the ground. www.TheIntuitiveRider.com, (510) 423-1936.

sabine-thumbnailSabine Rijssenbeek
Sabine Rijssenbeek (SR Dressage) holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level 3) from the Netherlands and has more than 30 years experience as a rider and trainer of sport horses. She trained with Piet Oothout (trainer of the Dutch National Team for the 1984 Olympics) and Henk van Bergen (trainer of the Silver Medal Dutch Team at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992). In 1980, Sabine was short-listed for the Moscow Olympics. Her Olympic dreams were dashed when prior to the games she lost her beloved horse to colic. She has trained several Olympic horses and a number of horses that have successfully competed in the highly competitive Dutch National Championships. While Sabine has clients around the world and throughout the United States, her principal focus has been the western United States. She is currently head trainer at Flying Change Farms in Loomis, California. Her clients primarily compete in California and Arizona. This year, her clients competed successfully at the US championships in Lexington, Kentucky and are on track to qualify again next year. www.kiwidebws.com

cowboy-dressage-world-thumbnailCowboy Dressage World
“When Dressage Suits Your Needs….but a Stetson Suits Your Lifestyle.”
EITAN BETH-HALACHMY A lifelong horseman, Eitan Beth-Halachmy followed his heart and the seeming intervention of mystical destiny not only to multiple world championships, but also to a spiritual cross-species bond with his equine companions. Eitan was born in Israel, where a Hungarian Cavalry Officer was to instill in him as a young boy a regard for horses and horsemanship that is still the foundation of this training methods and philosophy. Eitan has won many World and National Titles in the Morgan Show Horse Industry. It was an inspiring victory pass that founded his trademark “Cowboy Dressage.” From a victory pass in 1993 to a new and exciting western movement and competition in the US and abroad Cowboy Dressage has taken on a life of its own. Eitan retired from the show ring in 2008 but continues on promoting and sharing his horsemanship through clinics and expos. Eitan now has dedicated his time to sharing his knowledge and unique style of horsemanship through is very popular Cowboy Dressage, now not just a style of horsemanship but a very popular western competition sweeping the US and abroad. His goal is always to train and ride with kindness, refinement and to inspire and elevate others by combining traditional western and classical dressage. The very best of both worlds.
LYN RINGROSE-MOE Lyn grew up in the central California foothills in Mariposa County. As a child she was always impressed with the California stock horses. Lyn has always been a cowgirl at heart and has always loved horses – all kinds. Lyn always strives to give the horse the benefit of the doubt. Lyn currently travels internationally helping riders and horses achieve their goals while always maintaining a gentle, kind approach. She believes in the possibilities in each horse (or mule) and rider and strives to bring out the best qualities in each. Lyn has a keen interest in teaching others how to ride their horses and mules into a state of mental and physical soundness. Lyn stresses the importance of groundwork for developing a deep connection and partnership. She is constantly advancing her own knowledge of both equine and rider biomechanics. Because of her multi-discipline background, she understands the difficulties found within each equine discipline and has developed ways to help both horses and riders. Lyn is a founding partner in Cowboy Dressage World. She created the Cowboy Dressage Judging Program and is currently the Judge Mentor for CD Judges, as well as a Recommended Judge and Cowboy Dressage Clinician. Lyn enjoys an active clinic schedule teaching throughout the world. Lyn resides at the Sliding J Ranch in Acampo, CA. www.cowboydressage.com www.cowboydressageworld.com

isidro-espinoza-thumbnail2Isidro Espinoza
Isidro grew up on a large cattle ranch and farm in beautiful Durango Mexico. He learned to train mules, horses and donkeys from the skilled horsemen in his family. In 2015, Isidro became an approved TIP Trainer with the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Then in 2017 he competed in his first Extreme Mustang Makeover placing top ten. Isidro has since competed in 9 makeovers with multiple top ten finishes. Isidro’s primary focus in his full-time training business is colt starting and working with problem horses. Isidro wants to help people learn to develop meaningful trusting relationships with their horse. With a passion for getting mustangs out of holding and into permanent homes, he has been able to showcase the trainability and versatility of the American Mustang.

Naomi-LangdonNaomi Langdon
Naomi Langdon is an equine trainer and horsemanship mentor. Currently residing in Arizona, she aims to achieve and inspire a more compassionate approach to horsemanship. In addition to training personal and client horses, Naomi, has successfully competed in multiple mustang challenges. Taking horses from wild to mild in just 100 days, she is a 4X mustang training challenge champion. She currently travels teaching clinics and demonstrations, in hopes to help others achieve success and find better relationships with their horses. Her goal is to spread the word about the American mustangs and demonstrate what incredible partners they can be. www.naomirosemustangs.com

justin-nicolson-mainJustin Nicolson
Justin Nicolson is the main trainer and source of entertainment behind the up-and-coming movement known as 180 Horsemanship. Born in Central California, Justin’s horse background is deep-rooted in his love for the traditional, classic Californio riding style. Justin’s experience spans from bareback rodeo broncs to cowboying in Nevada, from starting thoroughbred racing colts to training professional cutters. He prides his training techniques on being centered around the horse’s unique needs and speed of learning, prioritizing lightness through communication. Justin currently trains out of Sliding J Ranch in Acampo, CA with Nicole Kochanowski, starting colts of all breeds and disciplines and training performance cowhorses. www.facebook.com/JustinNicolson180Horsemanship