Welcome to The Hideout

The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive upscale riding, horsemanship and working cattle guest ranch in Shell, WY (east of Cody and Yellowstone National Park). In addition to riding, working cattle and fly-fishing, we offer an array of non-riding activities and adventures such as trapshooting, archery, hiking, biking and scenic 4×4 vehicle tours.

The Hideout is limited to approximately 25 guests per week from all over the world and has access to over 120 horses for our guests. We offer a one to one staff to guest ratio and the owners and management are actively involved with the well-being of our guests. We are committed to the highest standards of culinary experience, lodging, inclusiveness (we speak 4 languages), staff, horses, and offer a personal, almost customized vacation. We are very multi-cultural and embrace diversity as an asset. We truly care about making your vacation the best ever!

Every year The Hideout books full well in advance of the season, mostly because of word of mouth and returning guests. As we do not plan to increase the number of guests that we host each week, please book your vacation well ahead of the season.

A 650,000 acre riding and adventure paradise in Wyoming

We are not your typical guest ranch. We are a small guest ranch with approximately 25 guests per week, to keep our guests’ experience personal. Our guests leave The Hideout feeling as though they are not guests, but family. Elevations in this area range from 4,200 to 13,200 feet and offer a unique variety of terrain and scenery resulting in a broad range of climates and biodiversity. With close to 650,000 acres to explore you will seldom ride the same trail twice or feel crowded.

All-Inclusive Family and Multigenerational Adventure Vacation

During the summer months and spring breaks we host a growing number of families with older children and young adults.

We believe that part of a family vacation involves parents and children participating in, enjoying and sharing the same experiences. We do not offer a formal “children’s program”. We strive to treat children as young adults and to offer them the full Hideout Guest Ranch experience.

Our experience is typically focused towards adults and families with older children who have some equestrian experience or are in good physical condition. The Hideout welcomes children 8years of age and older. Because we do not have a children’s program parents are required to supervise and go along with their children on all riding and non-riding activities.

Most of our visiting families are eager to learn new things while exploring and enjoying new experiences together as a family. They are looking to build long lasting, exciting and interesting memories. This is a life changing vacation experience. It is fun and adventurous, but families will also learn about ranching, farming, horses, nature and will meet other guests from a variety of countries and cultures.

In addition to our more mature year-round staff, we typically employ a number of younger wranglers during the summer months. Our family and staffs’ families represent all ages from 11 to 80 years of age, which makes The Hideout a multigenerational vacation destination.

Adult Vacations

While we see a growing number of families with children during the summer months, The Hideout is mainly an adult oriented ranch once school and college breaks are finished.

Our year-round wranglers are more mature and geared to the adults that travel to The Hideout. However, we do have many adult travelers in the summer season also.

Due to the fact that we have a minimum age requirement and do not offer a children’s program, the families who come to The Hideout treat their children as young adults. With the small number of guests at The Hideout, we are able to keep your vacation personalized and exactly what you are looking for.

Solo Travelers

The Hideout is an excellent destination for solo travelers. Solo travelers will find the size and concept of The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch a very easygoing and welcoming vacation. Because of its small size, friendly and accommodating staff, strong interaction with the owners and management and the family-like atmosphere, you will feel part of the family the very moment you arrive at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch.

Upscale lodging and food– authentic quality hospitality

At The Hideout Guest Lodge & Ranch we strive to offer excellence in hospitality, lodging and culinary pampering. Usually we accommodate 15 to 25 guests a week, which allows us to keep it personal, authentic and as customized as possible. Many guests come back each year because of our staff. We hire using The 3 C’s of Character, Conduct and Competence and invest in the training and general well-being of our staff. With a one to one staff to guest ratio we do not cut corners when it comes to service and hospitality.

To us preparing food is more than putting food on the table. It comes with the warmth and hospitality you expect when you go to your mother’s or grandmother’s house to visit. Our kitchen is more about quality and serving healthy food than quantity. We cater to most diets within reason.

While we would not consider ourselves a resort our cabins are very clean, well decorated and very well maintained. The Hideout is well-funded and all our profits are re-invested in maintaining and improving our guest ranch to the benefit of our guests.

The Hideout Experience!

If you ask our staff and growing number of repeat guests and guests from around the world why they come to The Hideout, they will tell you about the variety of reasons they return to The Hideout.

Some will point out that we try hard to make sure this year’s visit is as good as last year’s visit making sure to add a little something to it. They will talk to you about the quality of our horses, staff, tack, equipment and how well kept the cabins and grounds are.

Others will tell you that we combine a traditional ranching culture with a progressive eye on the future, caring for the eco-system and lands we use.

Our guests return to The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch because of the warmth of our hospitality, and because our ranch is managed by a well-traveled family and staff that knows how to excel and wants to please. Our guests enjoy high-end pampering and excellent, healthy food created by a culinary-schooled chef who cares and goes the extra length with a smile.

We take pride in having an enthusiastic staff, many of whom reside with us year-round. The main reason we have a great team of people is because we treat them as family. We want The Hideout to be the best place to work so it is the best place for you to vacation. Whenever our staff talks about our ranch they use the words “we” and “our”. We believe that’s the finest proof that they take pride and ownership in what they do.

Our repeat guests will tell you about our quality, well-maintained grounds and clean accommodations. They appreciate that we always strive to make each visit better than the last. It’s commonly referred to as “The Hideout Experience”.

We like to offer an authentic, personalized ranch boutique experience by limiting the number of guests to approximately 25 riders per week.

Our Horses – AH Horsemanship & Training

If horseback riding, herding cattle and enjoying the great outdoors in Wyoming is your idea of a perfect western vacation then The Hideout is ideal for you. We have a variety of horses that are well taken care of and can be matched to any riding-level. The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch is not your typical “Nose to Tail” dude ranch, but is a working cattle, horsemanship and riding ranch. Each rider will be matched to a horse based on their riding ability and will experience the vacation they were looking for.

Advanced riders will find hundreds of thousands of acres to ride on great horses with experienced and knowledgeable cowboys, wranglers and guides. Beginner riders will find patient teachers and instructors who enjoy sharing their love and passion for riding. Every level of rider can participate in cattle work, contrary to what many people think.

Our horse program is managed by AH Horsemanship & Training and every year several clinicians visit The Hideout for training, clinics and to ride with our staff and guests. The key to Authentic Horsemanship is having an open mind towards horsemanship, riding and horses and the desire to continue learning where we can.

Our string of horses consists of excellent Quarter Horses of fine bloodlines, well-bred Paint Horses, cow and trail horses, and over the last two years we have been adding more and more well trained Mustangs to our herd.

Wyoming Fly-Fishing Guest Ranch

Together with our fly-fishing guide who manages our fishing property, we fish over 10 miles of streams, creeks and lakes having access to approximately 650,000 acres in a variety of eco-systems.

In addition to the streams, we have access to well-stocked casting ponds and easy or more challenging streams. In search for excellence, our guides also fish other lakes, streams and ponds in The Big Horn Basin and Yellowstone Region at elevations ranging from 4,200 to 10,000 feet. With a population of 2 people per square mile (compared to New York City with 27,000 people per square mile) you will seldom be crowded while you fish, ride or hike on this ranch.

Our fly-fishing guides have excited both advanced fly-fishers as well as beginners from around the world with the experience we offer. We only offer those activities in which we can excel for our visiting guests.

You will not only learn about casting techniques but also about the streams, the insects, how to protect streams and stream banks for the future and what it takes to be a pro.

This area offers German and Loch Leven Browns, Cutthroat, Yellowstone Cutthroat, and Rainbow as well as Brook and Lake Trout. We also see Mountain White Fish, Golden Trout, Splake and Grayling.

As friends of the fish, we are 100% catch and release and we will teach you how to release fish properly after catching it, so it can continue to roam the clean, pure waters of Wyoming. Occasionally we will take some “brookies” home.

During the summer season our fly-fishing guide also offers Fly-tying lessons.

Non-Riding Adventures

With all the terrain to explore on private lands, BLM, The Big Horn Nationalhttps://thehideout.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/2017-Discountfall.png Forest and Cloud Peak Wilderness, the ranch is an adventure all on its own. With elevations ranging from 4,200 to 13,200 feet, we have an almost unheard of diversity of scenery, climates, and bio-diversity.

We offer an array of non-riding adventures such as trapshooting, archery, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, attending The Cody Nite Rodeo, hiking, biking, guided tours, 4×4 tours, ranch and farm visits, etc.

Add to this the diversity of cultures, languages, generations and backgrounds of our staff, family and guests from around the world and you will find out why we are not considered “Your Typical Guest Ranch”. For more information visit, thehideout.com.