Warm Winter Vacations

Trade your sweaters and parkas for swimsuits and sunscreen and head to the beach this winter. A hotspot vacation will warm you up through those last few months of winter in your hometown.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable weekend getaway in Florida or a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean, consider staying in a vacation rental during your stay. From affordable Cancun condos, to spacious Oahu villas, you’ll find the perfect rental to accommodate your group. So block off your Outlook calendar, and make plans to relax on the beach while the waves crash behind you – a far cry from shoveling snow before your thirty minute commute.

warm winter vacation ideas

Winter Caribbean Vacations

Budget: Affordable Puerto Rico Beach Rentals
Puerto Rico is warm year-round, which makes this tropical destination a welcome contrast for people who live in cold dry climates. Puerto Rico is also the easiest island to get to in the Caribbean – no passport is required and US dollars are accepted all over the island. Between hiking through one of PR’s tropical rainforests to lounging on a hot beach, to dancing in a pulsing nightclub, you won’t run out of things to do on your winter vacation in Puerto Rico. And you can forget about counting calories while you’re here. Puerto Rico’s eclectic Caribbean cuisine is delicious. Shop at the markets and cook meals in your vacation rental or visit a local restaurant, and see for yourself.

Luxury: St. Barthelemy Vacation Rentals
There’s a reason why jet-setters always include St. Bart’s on their yearly itineraries. St. Barts is a posh island in the Caribbean and a first class destination for people used to world-class entertainment. Go all out with a luxury villa in St. Barts or a condo on the beach. There are several upscale boutiques and retail stores to satisfy the pickiest shopper. Spend the morning playing a round of golf on an executive golf course or have lunch in a seaside café. The beach, however, is the jewel of St. Barts and after spending a few days there, you’ll see why.

warm winter vacation ideas

Winter Mexico Vacations

Budget: Affordable Cancun Beach Condos
There’s a reason Cancun is a perennial hotspot for Spring Breakers and summer vacationers. Visit during the winter and enjoy off-season peace and quiet, perfect for families looking to relax or couples wanting some romantic one-on-one time. Off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula, Cancun offers something for every traveler. Explore the nearby Mayan ruins and learn about Mexico’s rich culture. Dance the night away in a trendy discoteca in town. For a trip off the beaten path, visit a more remote beach where there is smoother water and fewer tourists to experience a different side of Mexico.

Luxury: Manzanillo Luxury Villas
Located on the Pacific Ocean, also known as the Mexican Riviera, Manzanillo is an also an easily accessible winter destination. Known for its rich history, Manzanillo has preserved much of its turn of the century architecture for tourists to enjoy. Take the colonial tour of nearby Colima and view its volcano. Visit the Zocalo downtown for a feel of the local marketplace. Or surf at Playa Miramar for a different perspective of Manzanillo. Manzanillo is also known as one of the top golfing destinations in Mexico. Staying in a Manzanilo beachfront rental allows convenient access to the ocean while enjoying home amenities you won’t find in a Manzanillo hotel or resort.

warm winter vacation ideas

Florida Winter Vacations

Budget: Fort Myers Beach Houses
For an affordable beach vacation in the middle of winter, visit Fort Myers Beach. Known for its safe and beautiful beaches, its small town-feel, and a number of local shops and restaurants, this lazy little beach town is the perfect winter getaway. Stay in a house or condo rental on the beach with access to a swimming pool. Fort Myers Beach has a family-friendly atmosphere which you’ll feel as soon as you step into Times Square. Full of several shops and open air dining restaurants, Fort Myers downtown area offers something for all ages, from couples looking for romance, to large families wanting some down time out of the sun.

Luxury: Naples Luxury Rentals
Mix a dash of tropical with a dab of cosmopolitan and shake it up for a taste of Naples. And don’t forget this town is also a popular golfing destination. During the day, there are several shopping centers to keep you busy, including the famous Tin City Waterfront Marketplace. Naples is known for its pristine beaches and seaside resorts. Rent a Naples condo or villa in Naples with access to resort amenities, like beach clubs or towel service. Be sure to check out the ecological life in and around Naples. Who would have thought you would be touring the Everglades, safari-style, in the middle of December?