Twombly Sale Results

Twombly Performance Horse Sale was held on July 27, 2019 in Cheyenne, WY during the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in front of the Train Depot Museum!  The preview was held at the Laramie County Fairgrounds just outside of Cheyenne.  We had a great sale!  We would like to thank all who participated in the bidding from 24 states Canada and Belgium!!!  Almost one third of the horses sold went to repeat buyers.  The sale was auctioned off once again by Sammy Hamblen of Colorado. This was our 44th sale!  Please be sure to join us in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay in the Roper Cowboy Marketplace.

Topping the sale was Lot 4!

Topping the sale was Lot 4!  A beautiful 10 yr old buckskin stallion who is an OWN son of Wimpys Little Step!  He has nearly $35,000 in earnings and is as gentle and kind as a stud could be! He fetches a $90,000 bid from overseas making his new home in Belgium!  The new owners are anxiously awaiting his arrival and says he’s already part of the family!  Selling sight unseen by phone.

Lot 6 “Sis” 2nd highest seller

Breaking our all-time high selling mare record was Lot 6, “Sis”.  This drop dead gorgeous 4 yr old chocolate palomino is an own daughter of Gunnatrashya!  She is super broke and sweet as can be.  She found an amazing home in Jackson, Wyoming at a final bid of $70,000!

Lot 3, “Prince” sells sight unseen to repeat buyers from Santa Fe, NM!  The hammer fell at $57,500!  This awesome 7 yr old buckskin gelding has NRHA earnings and is gentle for the littlest to ride!  An own son of Wimpys Little Step!  He will be sharing this awesome home with the 2018 top seller!

One of the cutest little geldings around was Lot 5, “Monster”. This striking 4 yr old buckskin gelding is an OWN son of HF Mobster!   Reining trained and a blast on the ranch.  He found the perfect home in Colorado with Touched By A Horse!  He is going to do amazing things!!!  $52,500!!

Also heading to Santa Fe, NM with repeat buyers is Lot 7, “Jumba” the big pretty 5 yr old buckskin gelding!  OWN son of Smart Like Juice and has almost $7,000 in NRHA earnings!  Gentle gentle and ranch broke.  He goes for a bid of $36,000!  This is the fourth buckskin gelding they have purchased from us sight unseen!

Lot 8, “Krackle is a drop dead gorgeous 6 yr old buckskin gelding!  OWN son of Walla Walla Whiz!  He’s an NRHA money earner and would pack the kids!  He sells to a California ranch for $32,000!

“Tootsie” is Canada bound!  Lot 20 is an OWN daughter of Whizkey N Diamonds.  Gentle and broke!  She is going to have an awesome home! $32,000 being the final bid!

Heading to Virginia is lot 9!  “Teddy” is an OWN son of Wimpys Little Step!  Beautiful 8 yr old buckskin gelding.  Awesome to ride on the ranch and is a finished reiner. He sells for $29,000!

“Hansom” is handsome!  He sells for $25,000 and is on his way to Illinois!  This 4 yr old is a big sweet boy who is as friendly as can be!  He found a great home!

Also headed for California is Lot 2 “Xtra!  OWN son of Wimpys Little Step and BROKE!  Not to mention easy on the eyes!  She is going to give her new horses an awesome home!  Final price of $23,000!

Last horse in the sale was the fancy 3 yr old buckskin gelding! He sells sight unseen by phone and heads for Oklahoma at $21,000!

One of the coolest colored gray geldings we have ever sold!  Lot 10, “Flint” sells to repeat buyers of Colorado for $20,000!

Lot 11, “Wimpa” is a beautiful 5 yr old buckskin mare by Wimpyneedsacocktail!  She sells to repeat buyers from Colorado for $20,000!

Lot 13 — $18,000 to Colorado! Repeat buyer

Lot 27 — $17,500 to Colorado! Repeat buyer

Lot 12 — $17,000 to Colorado! Repeat buyer

Lot 16 — $17,000 to Colorado!

Lot 18 — $15,000 to Oklahoma!

Lot 19 — $15,000 to Indiana!

Lot 21 — $13,000 to Arkansas!

Lot 25 — $12,000 to Wyoming!

Lot 23 — $11,000 to Nebraska!

Lot 26 — $10,000 to New York!

Lot 22 — $8,500 to Texas!

Lot 29 — $8,000 to Nebraska!

Lot 28 — $7,500 to Colorado!