Three famous horses and their roles in history

Horses have been an integral part of human history for a long, long time. They were used to provide transport, hard labor and food. However, nowadays, they showcase their skills on the racecourse, providing a great spectacle for enthusiasts and giving betting opportunities for punters. The betting enthusiasts are some of the most passionate fans of horse racing who like to have a stake in the race through 1xbet 注册.

1- Red Rum

Red Rum is regarded as one of the most famous horses in sporting history. His name is forever etched in British racing history due to his achievements.

The steeplechaser’s story is also very inspiring. He overcame physical disabilities and brought joy to the hearts of millions.

Red Rum received his name from the last three letters of each of his parents – Quorum and Mared. The horse had laminitis in his hoof but he was cured after his trainer Ginger McCain trained the horse on the sands at Southport, England.

Red Rum landed his first great victory in 1973 when he won the prestigious Grand National. The manner of his triumph shocked all the spectators as he was in second place behind Crisp for virtually the entire race. But in a remarkable turnaround, Red Rum came with a thundering speed and pipped his rival at the finish line by three-quarters of a length.

He followed that up with another Grand National victory as well as success in the Scottish Grand National, thus becoming the only horse to win both in the same year. After finishing second in 1975 and 1976, Red Rum won his third Grand National in 1977 to achieve the unmatched historic treble. The margin of his victory was an incredible 25 lengths and it is regarded as one of the greatest sporting moments of all time.

Red Rum was retired in 1978 but he became a national celebrity. He died in October 1995 at the age of 30, making front page news across the country. No other horse in Great Britain achieved that much fame as Red Rum.

2- Secretariat

Secretariat is considered as one of the greatest horses of all time. He was foaled in 1970 and went on to make a lasting impression in the world of horse racing. The amazing horse boasted a powerful stretch-running ability, which gave an advantage over his competitors.

Secretariat became an icon at the age of three. He won the American Triple Crown in the most spectacular fashion as he set up records in all three races.

The great horse won the Kentucky Derby in record time before pulling off a similar feat at the Preakness Stakes. He also shocked with his display at the Belmont Stakes, winning the race by an incredible 31 lengths, holding the record for the fastest time.

Secretariat continued his excellent run by going on to win the Arlington Invitational. However, he then suffered an upset defeat at the Whitney Stakes. He triumphed at the Marlboro Cup before losing again at the Woodward Stakes.

The Lucien Laurin-trained horse then headed to the Man ‘o War Stakes where he outclassed famous world record holder Tentam by five lengths. That season’s final race for Secretariat was the Canadian Stakes and he achieved success there as well.

Secretariat’s horse racing record was incredible. He triumphed in 16 of his 21 races, finishing second three times and coming third only once.

After retirement, the famous horse spent the rest of his life as a stud. He was euthanized in 1989 but his achievements have made his name immortal in the horse racing world.

3- Trigger

Famous American TV star Roy Rogers first saw Trigger when he was brought in to audition for the film Under Western Stars. Rogers decided to choose Trigger after his first ride and was said to be so impressed with the horse that he bought him by paying $2,500.

Different horse breeds have different talents and they are fit to perform different roles as some are very good in terms of HorseBack riding as a therapy for riders with disability. Trigger was highly suitable for acting rather than on the racecourse. The amazing horse knew over 100 tricks and could walk 50 feet on his hind legs. He also had a considerate and patient personality. It is said that Trigger starred in over 80 films as well as 100 episodes of television.