There are only two things that scare horses … things that move and things that don’t.

Horses are prey. They don’t fight, they take flight. We don’t like to think about how our horses might react to a drone.

Our goal is to protect horses and the people who handle or ride them. A horse spooks at 45 miles per hour. Damage to the horse, people, and property can happen in the blink of an eye.

We don’t want drones on our property. Chances are other horse owners, boarding or breeding facilities, show grounds, competitions, and racing venues don’t either.

Turtle Creek Farm – maker of Stock Tank Secret – now offers a NO DRONES HORSE ZONE sign.

It’s made of durable, thick 40 point styrene, and printed with UV protected inks that won’t fade. It’s drilled with two holes for easy mounting.

The sign is retail ready with a UPC code and copyright. Price is $8.50 each or $7.50 each for 10 or more.

Call or email me if you’re interested.

Kurt Christensen

Turtle Creek Farm Inc.
1541 Pflug Rd.
Springfield, NE 68059