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Jump Start Equine Therapy & Rehab Center
Shannon Hughes is the owner of Jump Start Equine Rehab located in West Hemet. She has been in the business nearly 20 years working closely with surgeons and veterinarians a like to ensure your horse receives the best care. Primarily using the Acuscope/Myopulse, an FDA approved modality that helps your horse heal itself by up to 60% faster than the body can heal on it’s own. Her specialty is tendon and ligament injuries and has had excellent success with the most difficult cases. Along with the Acuscope/Myoscope therapy she strongly believes Aquatred sessions greatly help to speed the healing process with low impact/resistance exercise. Shannon also uses PEMF, Theraplate, DMS therapy and a 5 horse Centaur free flow walker. For more information or to book an appointment contact Shannon at 951-235-8306.

“GOOD VIBRATIONS” Research has shown Niagara Equissage Pulse delivers not only enhanced performance, but successful rehabilitation for a range of injuries and is proven for daily maintenance in warming up and cooling down, pre and post workout. The Niagara Equissage unit sends gentle penetrating cycloidal (three-way) vibrations to the whole body, and is scientifically proven to improve local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxation and joint mobility and can help in rehabilitation from a multitude of injuries or persistent conditions. “The demands on the ridden horse are ever increasing and the risk of injury to the horse are ever apparent,” says Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics, who bought the Niagara Equissage system himself after analyzing all the research data and since then his three horses get the cycloidal vibration treatment every day pre and post exercise. There are many horse therapy products available and Russell Guire strongly advises all horse owners looking to invest in a system do their own research and ask for evidence to support any claims being made on their effectiveness. For more information on Niagara Equissage please visit or call 502-552-7576

MagnaWave uses the latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to keep your equine partners healthy and feeling great. Our devices work at a cellular level to help reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and increase circulation throughout the body. The pulse can travel up to 16 inches into the body penetrating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to provide a healthy environment for cells and tissues to prosper. We know that horses are accident prone and it is never fun to show up at the barn to find a lame or injured horse. With the help of MagnaWave, you can promote the recovery process by reducing the surrounding inflammation and increasing circulation to the area of concern. Our devices are safe, non-invasive, and have no harmful side effects. At MagnaWave, we have developed devices and attachments specifically designed for ease of use around the horse and at the barn. Our attachments are great for the hooves, hocks, knees, shoulders, topline, and much more! If you would like more information on how we can help your horse, visit or you can talk to our team at 833-MagnaWave (642-6292).

MRI has for long been the imaging method of choice in human medicine, making it the gold standard for diagnosing pathology. Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI system brings the same diagnostic capability to equine clinical practice, with the equine patient at the forefront of every design decision. More often than not, the outcome of a conventional lameness work-up is a horse that blocks to a certain region but has no visible changes on X-ray or ultrasound. Response to treatment may be the only way to confirm or refute a potential diagnosis, and the horse may have to repeatedly return to the clinic for further examination. This pathway takes time and costs money, while the patient may lose condition and the injury gets worse. By visualising slices through tissue, MRI can quickly and precisely localise damage to both bone and soft tissues. Standing MRI identifies the specific cause of lameness in over 90% of cases. MRI is the only way to distinguish between the many different diseases underlying “navicular syndrome” in the foot MRI of the fetlock and knee allows racehorse trainers to modify training to prevent poor performance and avoid the risk of serious injury Early, safe and accurate lameness diagnosis Almost twenty years later, and with 100 veterinary MRI systems installed in 24 countries worldwide, we continue our collaboration with the veterinary industry to deliver advanced imaging solutions for improved animal health. Visit

Vitafloor USA Inc.
Vitafloor USA Inc. is a California based company and is the innovator and international leader in equine vibration equipment offering versatile physical training and countless therapeutic benefits to horses. Vitafloor’s unparalleled vertical vibrating platforms are safe as well as easy to use. Vitafloor® is the only vibration equipment in the world designed exclusively for horses and is based on the well-known principles of Whole Body Vibration Training that are used to train astronauts to promote the development of muscle tone and bone density. Vitafloor® is a proven and highly effective therapy for horses and is widely recognized by leading equestrians and veterinarians world-wide. Besides the Vitafloor products and Sedelogic Saddle Pads, the company also offer, horse exercisers, horse solariums, treadmills, “Rain Train” arena irrigation systems and Safety Wall riding arena kick walls. For more information, visit or call 831-319-2704

Spectra Therapy
LASERwrap’s ® automated repeat laser therapy treatments, makes laser therapy effective and practical to help HEAL YOUR HORSE QUICKLY. It is use for rehabilitation , pre or post event for acute or chronic conditions , to DRAMATICALLY improving circulation, which reduces swelling and pain. This aids in the healing process and treatment of acute muscle spasms and chronic conditions such as arthritis. The LASERwrap® system effectively reduce edema better than any product on the market which help heal injuries with ligaments, tendons, bones and wounds. Unlike other therapeutic blankets wraps that only focus on the musculoskeletal system, Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap® O2-Sheet and Body wraps are design to treat the lungs, abdomen and solar plexus area including the musculoskeletal system. Laser technology is proven in 4000 clinical trials as summarize by Harvard University to greatly benefit one’s respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive system processes, providing gastric relief and serves as a catalyst on the disposal process. This help horses and rider to function and feel their best so they can perform their best. Nothing compares to the safety, simplicity, non-consumable or physically demonstrates the dramatic circulation performance as a horse gets from the LASERwrap® product line. It energizes the blood cells to allow lymphatic flow that separate cells in swollen area , and with its repeated treatments enlarge veins and arteries [ referred to as vasodilation ] to promptly reducing swollen areas , while delivering more oxygen and nutrients to and from the extremities, generating coherent energy for the athlete , providing them the power to perform. The same Spectra Therapy Impulse laser unit plugs in a variety wraps used to treating multiple applications on horses, from hocks, cannon bones and hoof areas, to the hip, back, neck and poll regions. Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap system is easy to use. It supplies 2 or 3 > Three Joule – treatments per hour, automatically , no mater if traveling , at home or at an event. This maximizes benefits and speed up the recovery process day and night. See their entire product line for horses, dogs and humans at Call Spectra Therapy today to inquire about having this invaluable therapy on hand when YOU need it! (248) 524-6300

Hudson Aquatic Systems
How Superior Therapy Uses Hudson’s AquaPacer Underwater Treadmill to Treat EPM Superior Therapy, owned by Summer Terry, is located in central Oklahoma where EPM has become an increased issue for horse owners. Through the use of aquatic therapy with the AquaPacer underwater treadmill system, Superior Therapy has been successful in addressing this equine neurological disease by building back a horse in 30-90 days. “We’ve had the AquaPacer Plus since we opened in 2017 and utilize it 17-20 times a day for all types of rehab and conditioning workouts,” said Terry. “We get referrals from veterinarians that have prescribed treatment for EPM because owners are looking for safe ways to restore balance, muscle loss, and body condition in their horse. The AquaPacer Plus has been instrumental in the recovery process and returning the horse to a previous level of performance.” Terry said she prefers the AquaPacer Plus underwater treadmill from Hudson Aquatic Systems because of the ability to alternate between warm and cold water exercise, as well as the ability to vary the water depth, speed and length of each session. She also utilizes variations of multiple water levels to target several muscle groups during the same workout, which is truly a customized workout. According to Superior Therapy, they use a daily progress check and process to build a horse back through a 30-90 day stay with sessions 5-6 days a week. “Many horses with EPM have muscle atrophy, nerve damage and swelling in the lower legs,” said Terry. “Sessions in the AquaPacer reduce excess fluid while building hip and topline muscle. We also look for how a horse balances with the tail instead of engaging muscle, muscle spasms or tension with fatigue, how head carriage affects movement, and single side dominance. These are all things that are easily missed when you are riding or ground working. In most cases, we are able to get horses strong enough to go back to riding after they leave our facility, which is great news to owners that had fears of having to retire them.” For more information about Hudson Aquatic Systems AquaPacer Plus, go to To learn more about Superior Therapy, visit