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Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging
The proven game changer in lameness diagnosis MRI has for long been the imaging method of choice in human medicine, making it the gold standard for diagnosing pathology. Hallmarq’s Standing Equine MRI system (sMRI) brings the same diagnostic capability to equine clinical practice, with the equine patient at the forefront of every design decision. Commonly, the outcome of a conventional lameness workup is a horse that blocks to a certain region but has no visible changes on X-ray or ultrasound. Response to treatment may be the only way to confirm or refute a potential diagnosis, and the horse may have to repeatedly return to the clinic for further examination. This pathway costs both time and money, while the patient may lose condition and the injury gets worse. By visualizing slices through tissue, MRI can quickly and precisely localize damage to both bone and soft tissues without the need for anesthesia. Now with the introduction of Hallmarq’s Standing Leg CT, advanced equine imaging has never been more accessible, affordable and convenient. Visit to learn more and step up to a new level in lameness diagnosis. If you’d like to hear more about either of these products and talk to a human, contact us via and we’ll get back to you.

Spectra Therapy
LASERwrap’s ® automated repeat laser therapy treatments, makes laser therapy effective and practical to help HEAL YOUR HORSE QUICKLY. It is use for rehabilitation , pre or post event for acute or chronic conditions , to DRAMATICALLY improving circulation, which reduces swelling and pain. This aids in the healing process and treatment of acute muscle spasms and chronic conditions such as arthritis. The LASERwrap® system effectively reduce edema better than any product on the market which help heal injuries with ligaments, tendons, bones and wounds. Unlike other therapeutic blankets wraps that only focus on the musculoskeletal system, Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap® O2-Sheet and Body wraps are design to treat the lungs, abdomen and solar plexus area including the musculoskeletal system. Laser technology is proven in 4000 clinical trials as summarize by Harvard University to greatly benefit one’s respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive system processes, providing gastric relief and serves as a catalyst on the disposal process. This help horses and rider to function and feel their best so they can perform their best. Nothing compares to the safety, simplicity, non-consumable or physically demonstrates the dramatic circulation performance as a horse gets from the LASERwrap® product line. It energizes the blood cells to allow lymphatic flow that separate cells in swollen area , and with its repeated treatments enlarge veins and arteries [ referred to as vasodilation ] to promptly reducing swollen areas , while delivering more oxygen and nutrients to and from the extremities, generating coherent energy for the athlete , providing them the power to perform. The same Spectra Therapy Impulse laser unit plugs in a variety wraps used to treating multiple applications on horses, from hocks, cannon bones and hoof areas, to the hip, back, neck and poll regions. Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap system is easy to use. It supplies 2 or 3 > Three Joule – treatments per hour, automatically , no mater if traveling , at home or at an event. This maximizes benefits and speed up the recovery process day and night. See their entire product line for horses, dogs and humans at Call Spectra Therapy today to inquire about having this invaluable therapy on hand when YOU need it! (248) 524-6300

With over 40 years of independent research worldwide, Infrared Therapy, also known as Photo and Light Therapy has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms. As an industry leader of equestrian preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet® is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits infrared/photo therapy, and advantages of addressing costly issues as, or even before they arise. The RevitaVet® IR2C Systems offers not only the leading technology in non-invasive care for conditions from Abscesses to Torn Suspensories and anything in between, including saddle sores and various musculoskeletal injuries. You can apply RevitaVet® on virtually any part of the horse, but it has set the precedent for preventive maintenance. The IR2C is easily applied to the horse (or other animal large or small), and delivers safe and effective pulsed infrared light therapy which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, but at an accelerated pace. The application can be 5-15 minutes and system offer 7 selectable frequencies, thus allowing for a customized therapy. Treatment will not harm healthy tissue and has no known negative side effects. RevitaVet® also has wireless devices that address Ankles, Back, Hocks, Knees, Tendons and the Poll. As of late, numerous many PEMF therapists are now embracing RevitaVet® as a companion therapy. Some of our riders are Olympic gold medalists and World Champions for various disciplines. RevitaVet® is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality, and guarantees professional results. For more information call 800-279-1479 or visit our website at .

MagnaWave has been used throughout the equine industry to improve mobility, assist in injury recovery, and maintain health and wellness. Our machines use the latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to keep your horses’ body in optimal health. The pulse can travel up to 16 inches into the body and penetrate through the muscle and joints, working at the cellular level to improve health and wellness. MagnaWave is a drug-free, safe, and effective way to maintain your horse’s overall well-being! At MagnaWave, we have developed machines and attachments specifically designed for ease of use around the horse and at the barn. MagnaWave offers the widest variety of PEMF attachments to help your horses’ entire body. If you would like more information on how we can help your horse, visit or talk with a product specialist at 833-MagnaWave (642-6292).

Vitafloor USA Inc.
Vitafloor USA Inc. is a California based company and is the innovator and international leader in equine vibration equipment offering versatile physical training and countless therapeutic benefits to horses. Vitafloor’s unparalleled vertical vibrating platforms are safe as well as easy to use. Vitafloor® is the only vibration equipment in the world designed exclusively for horses and is based on the well-known principles of Whole Body Vibration Training that are used to train astronauts to promote the development of muscle tone and bone density. Vitafloor® is a proven and highly effective therapy for horses and is widely recognized by leading equestrians and veterinarians world-wide. Besides the Vitafloor products and Sedelogic Saddle Pads, the company also offer, horse exercisers, horse solariums, treadmills, “Rain Train” arena irrigation systems and Safety Wall riding arena kick walls. For more information, visit or call 831-319-2704

Equine Leg Magic
In 2004, an all-natural mineral supplement was formulated by K.C. Kelley, PhD for use in a rapidly growing yearling gelding. He contracted tendons in his front legs and was walking on both front fetlocks. The young colt was given Dr. Kelly’s formula and because of his rapid improvement in 8 weeks, it was then offered to other horse owners for use with their young horses with leg problems. In 2005, the company, Equine Leg Magic LLC, was formed to manufacture and market the mineral supplement. The product was named Equine Leg Magic due to customers referring to the supplement as Leg Magic. ELM has been found to have positive effects on a number of horse problems and injuries. Horses from minis to drafts — from 10 days of age to 37 years of age have been fed ELM. There have been positive results with issues including ringbone, soft tissue injuries, hoof problems, and joint issues. Equine Leg Magic LLC is dedicated to giving good service, answering questions concerning the possible use of ELM for your horses and providing a cost-effective product. When you buy ELM the packaging isn’t fancy (double zip lock bags) and 2nd day flat rate shipping is included in the pricing. 352-283-6331 • Website:

Hudson Aquatic Systems
Many people associate the use of Hudson Aquatic Systems’ AquaPacer underwater treadmill system with the rehabilitation of equine injuries. Unbridled Equine, in Batavia, Illinois, utilizes the AquaPacer Plus as one of the first approved modalities in a rehab horse’s schedule but has developed a successful “pre-hab” program for equine performance athletes. Prehab is participation in therapy-based movements and exercises in order to avoid injury or decrease pain. It is known as a proactive approach and can address deficits in strength, stability, range of motion, balance and overall joint function. “We started 7-year old Baileys in our performance program in November, and even though he was actively being ridden and shown, he lacked the strength of a true equine athlete,” said Katie Hawkins at Unbridled Equine. “We saw typical gait imbalances and underdeveloped hindquarters which led to compensatory patterns. After just one month in our pre-hab program, using the AquaPacer 3-4 times per week, Baileys had a significant improvement in his stamina and musculature. We were able to strengthen his hindquarters and top line which improved his flexibility and adjustability under saddle.” The AquaPacer allows you to adjust the water level and treadmill speed, as well as temperature to customize each workout. “One thing we like most about the AquaPacer is that we are able to vary the workout each day, often within the same session,” said Hawkins. “We fill the tank up above his hocks and tread him for 10 minutes. Over the next 10 minutes we lower the water height incrementally so that when the workout is complete, the water height is down to his fetlocks. As an added bonus, we are able to drain the machine, switch to the cold salt water and allow him to soak as a way to take care of any post workout inflammation.” Unbridled Equine believes that using the AquaPacer as part of a pre-hab program will help prevent the need for future rehab, which is the goal for all equine athletes. Learn more and contact Hudson about how you can add an AquaPacer underwater treadmill system to your facility for pre-hab, rehab, conditioning, training, and wellness.

Therasage Equine Massage
Therasage Equine Massage Certification Offers Horses Comfort and Students Careers Greg Gage, L.M.T., E.S.M.T, began his career in massage more than 30 years ago leading him to apply his knowledge and depth of human and small animal massage to horses, thus leading into the development of Therasage Equine Massage Certification. For more than 20 years now, Gage has trained thousands of students in Equine Massage all over the world and has worked with the industry’s top horse trainers. With Therasage EMC, Gage specializes in trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, along with stretching and injury prevention for all levels. Within the certification program, students spend four full days in one-on-one personal instruction and hands-on-horses learning to ensure a broad equine experience, including, total-body equine massage, trigger points, pre- and post-event massage, tendon and ligament massage, discipline-specific massage and more. In addition to these important techniques, the Therasage EMC Certification Program helps students through practical education of enhanced science, business skills, marketing, and career development, and potential employment. Upon successful completion of the program, students are considered trained professional equine massage therapists. Gage and Therasage EMC are often personally sought after by leading trainers such as John and Josh Lyons, Dan James, Tom and Mandy McCutcheon and equine professionals throughout the US and internationally, as a result of successful outcomes. Currently, Therasage has Certification Programs scheduled this summer and fall including North Carolina, July 8-11; Ohio, August 25-28; Minnesota, September 23-26; Texas, November 4-7; Arizona November 11-24; and Wisconsin, December dates to be determined. For more information on Therasage EMC, visit, or call 866-301-7486.