The Last Pair of Jeans You Will Ever Own

If you haven’t tried the Smooth Stride Full Seat Riding Jeans then I have to say you are missing out on a better riding experience. I was skeptical at first but these jeans provide the performance and comfort of riding breeches with the practical durability and good looks of good old blue jeans! They fit you like a glove and the soft microfiber suede full seat feels just like high end breeches which help you feel more secure in your slick leather saddle. The medium-high rise waist was perfect and so nice not to have that gap in the back when you get on your horse. I ride several horses a day and not having my jeans bunching in places that I have to tug on was so nice.

The cell phone pocket was literally my favorite feature. It was perfectly situated so I never felt it hinder my riding and had it on me at all times in case I needed it without the worry of it falling out of my back pocket. All aspects of these jeans made me feel more secure when riding. They have very specific sizing charts that help you get the perfect fit for your body type and they are easy to understand and follow so you order correctly the first time. With three lengths to choose from you can get the length that fits you height and makes sure goes over your boots and not ride up, which is always a pain with riding jeans. When they say you get what you pay for, they mean it. These jeans may be on the higher price side but they are worth every dollar and you won’t regret that cost once you start wearing them. Plus they guarantee you will be happy or your money back so you have nothing to lose. Check out and order the perfect pair of jeans for you.