The Benefits of Adding Overhangs to Your Horse Barn

There are a lot of different ways to enhance the look and functionality of your horse barn. One of the most advantageous of these improvements is an overhang, also referred to as a lean.

A barn overhang is essentially a continuation of the roof that extends the length and entrance of the structure. Overhangs are usually constructed as an add-on feature using posts, rafters, and roofing materials. Adding one to your horse barn offers considerable benefits for you, your animals, and the structure itself.

Shelter Your Horses From The Elements

With an overhang, your horses will be able to turn out of their stall windows to eat or enjoy fresh air without having to face harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, or intense heat from the sun. They can also retreat to the area underneath overhangs if they’re roaming and need protection from sudden inclement weather or to rest somewhere shady and dry.

Keep Your Stalls Cleaner

Overhangs help keep mud out of barn stalls and other areas where you and your horses may roam. Less dirt, moisture, and debris will be tracked in when these high-traffic areas are protected, saving you time and money cleaning the barn and mucking the stalls. Plus, your barn entrance is less likely to become a mud pit!

Add Extra Storage Space

Underneath an overhang is the perfect place to keep barn supplies and equine equipment without worrying about them being damaged by the elements. Save space in your barn by storing these items outside or by using this protected outdoor area as a work station for tacking, cleaning, or performing other barn duties.

Improve The Look Of Your Barn

Overhangs are a great aesthetic touch to make your barn more attractive. You’ll also be able to decorate underneath with flowers, décor, or even a chair or two. Your barn will be more inviting and your property more valuable.

Extend The Life Of Your Barn

Just as overhangs protect your horses and supplies from the elements, they also protect the barn itself! The exposed siding, windows, and doors will suffer less damage and deterioration over the years from harsh weather and sunlight when shielded by an overhang. Your barn will maintain its quality condition for longer, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Courtesy of Deer Creek Structures