Summerwind Marchadors

Lynn Kelley, MM Breeder

Many people consider horse ownership a quaint hobby or an anachronism in our digital lives. It is puzzling sometimes, a mystery to me, why we started this journey with a new Brazilian breed in the US, called the Mangalarga Marchador, after we retired. It was love at first sight for both of us.

Our one Marchador mare, Bossa Nova de Miami, bought in 2001, soon became 2 Marchador horses, and then 2 became 4. Each one a joy to ride and a willing partner for anything we wanted to try. We took the plunge and went to Brazil, importing 9 more, many of the mares pregnant. “When opportunity knocks, you answer the call”.

And so it began – Summerwind Marchadors and Future Foal Breeders! Our breeding program is unique – offering foals by reservation often using imported frozen semen from Brazil. We strive for excellence on all levels. We believe strong genetics show through in the progeny of a horse, not just selecting an extraordinary individual. In selecting our breeding horses, we picked the genes and the bloodlines from our research, then the individuals from their performance, conformation and the foals they produced.

One of the farms that we import frozen semen from, Agro Maripa in Brazil are competing in Brazil in Working Equitation and winning! They believe in classical training to develop and round out performance instead of just the singular focus on gait. The Mangalarga Marchador is a gaited breed, but one with tremendous versatility and athleticism. In Brazil, they number over 600,000.

We are of similar minds as Agro Maripa in training, and so, in 2020 we began sponsoring Working Equitation clinics with Amy Star at our ranch for us and other AZ Marchador owners.

It was amazing! The riders all improved! The horses all improved! The camaraderie and encouragement along the way was uplifting – so much better than some other competitive events. And now here in 2021, some of our teams qualified for the Regional Competition held in California. It is a great training ground and venue to watch our “future foals” of past years move up in skills and mature to be the horse we imagined when we were breeding.

If you haven’t heard of working equitation yet, here is my synopsis.

Summerwind Marchadors Lynn Kelley, MM Breeder

Working equitation is an international discipline with shows around the world. It showcases the skills and riding techniques developed in countries around the world to work cattle and perform other ranch chores. Working equitation involves four phases: working dressage; ease of handling with obstacles; speed with obstacles; and, in the highest-level events, cattle handling. All breeds, all types of tack and dress, and many levels of skill are allowed to perform with an emphasis on partnership and ease.

In Brazil, Marchador horses were bred to be ranch and cattle horses, ready for long rides, the hunt or dressed up for the show or parade. They have the perfect temperament for this sport, like their Iberian ancestors. With the right amount of energy and a desire to learn, Marchadors are partner horses. They are soul mates for the competition, or for life.

About Summerwind Marchadors

John and Lynn became Marchador aficionados after ending their “real world” business careers and the Summerwind endeavor has become a labor of love. In 2022, we are on letter “R” for Summerwind Future Foals, beginning our 18th of breeding.

“Any good breeder would like to see if you can improve the breed – to get foals that are better than either of their parents” Lynn says. That desire was the catalyst for Summerwind’s Future Foal program bringing in high quality semen to breed to high quality mares from Summerwind or outside mares.

a.) Selling semen
This year, Summerwind represents 12 Mangalarga Marchador stallions, offering imported frozen semen from Brazil and Uruguay, and frozen and cooled semen from Summerwind-bred stallions. “It might be seen as foolish to do that because it’s more semen than we can use ourselves,” John notes. “But we see it as part of our legacy that can be used by others long after we are gone.”

2022 will be the first year, Summerwind offers frozen semen to create a cross-breed with a Marchador. With the Working Equitation focus, it

Summerwind Marchadors Lynn Kelley, MM Breeder makes perfect sense to pair our Marchador stallions with other Iberian breeds.

b.) Future Foals
With ample guidance from Lynn and John, clients create a horse of their dreams by pairing mare and sire characteristics, based on preferences and what they plan to do with the horse. “What we’ve found with the Future Foal program is that we get people who are very serious about this process,” John explains. It’s a long process, so they have to be. “First, they help select the breeding, then wait a year until the horse is born. There’s three more years until it’s really rideable. When you think of it as a four- year investment, we usually don’t get the people who say, ‘I just want to buy a horse.’”  http://instagram/summerwindmarchadrs

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