Summer Ideas for Horsey Kids

Most horse kids spend lots of time outside during the summer. Whether it is practicing for the next event, going on trail rides, horse games you can play horseback or just spending time in the barn loving on your horse … summer is full of horse-related activities.

Throughout the past six months, the American Quarter Horse Youth Association has asked members and nonmembers alike to Rise to the Challenge to help grow AQHYA and to grow youth members as leaders. This month, we’re challenging youth to get outdoors and take a friend riding.

Here’s your chance to bring a friend to join the summer fun! To grow AQHYA and the horse industry as a whole, invite friends to go horseback riding. Maybe that first ride could spark a love for the American Quarter Horse. Your friends might even be hooked for a lifetime! (Forever riding buddies? Yes, please!) There’s a world of people out there who would love the opportunity to just be around a horse – you could make a dream come true for someone.

Some ideas for summer horseback fun:

  • Make it competitive with play-day games and activities. (Egg-and-spoon race, anyone?)
  • Plan a special day for all the horsey and nonhorsey kids in your barn. Ride together, costume classes, try out those play-day activities – just have fun!
  • Invite horse-crazy friends on a trail ride. But first, make sure everyone has the fundamentals of horsemanship and is ready for a safe trip.
  • Cool off with a spa day and treat your American Quarter Horse to a luxurious bath.

This is just the short of it. The options are endless, so what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your beautiful summer days inside in front of a computer screen. Instead, make memories with your American Quarter Horse.

We want to see how you are rising to the challenge this summer! Share your good times on social media and tag @officialaqhya on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page. Learn more about other challenges you can participate in throughout the year and “accept the challenge” to grow AQHYA and yourself as a leader!

Courtesy of American Quarter Horse Association