Suggested Headline: Four Steps to Serious Fly Control!

Each year, as the weather warms we get excited to get outside and enjoy time with our horses. With this great weather though comes the problem of dealing with flies. While there are many ways to combat these pests, chemical-free options are affordable and can help you to eliminate flies at all stages of their development. For total fly control, consider the following four steps.

First, control flies by stopping flies in their developmental stage with ARBICO Organics Fly Eliminators™ – Gnat-sized parasitic wasps that feed on and breed in developing (pupal) stages of filth breeding flies.

Secondly, take control of your manure management and consider adding a microbial spray to speed up decomposition such as Em-1 or SCD Barn Kleaner.

Next, combat maggots breeding in hots spots with ARBICO Organics NemAttack – Beneficial Nematodes will parasitize the maggot stage of flies.

Lastly, we recommend trapping adult flies and spraying your animals for effective control of adult flies. The ARBICO Organics Solar Fly Trap is a long-lasting aluminum trap that attracts and traps adult flies with a yeast bait.

To learn more about these products, or to set your custom total fly control program, call the experts at ARBICO Organics and get your free consultation today. Start early and beat the flies now!