Stable Boy

Stable Boy® – by Equine Equipped – is a Patented kit which converts the garage of a Toy Hauling RV into a horse stall, allowing you to have your horses and living quarters in one unit.
The Stable Boy® kit includes: two aluminum stalls, padding, manger trays, floor cut-out, stall mats and padded back doors, to safely transport your horses. It’s flexible and designed to easily change from two horse stalls to one horse stall and a golf cart, motorcycle or ATV.


  • Constructed of light-weight aluminum materials 
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Installs in less than 20 minutes – no tools required! 
  • Easily stores in your barn when not in use 
  • Allows families to travel together in one vehicle, saving fuel costs and site fees

Toy hauler RV’s are constructed heavier as the functional purpose is to haul cargo (ATV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles etc..). Toy Haulers are well designed to haul this cargo. They contain more steel supports within the floor, walls and rear opening. When Stable Boy® horse stall kit is installed in the garage area the horses are confined comfortably within the stalls. This restricts movement just like a horse trailer. It is important to match the weight of your horses to the capacity of the Toy Hauler cargo or garage area.

There is some initial installation required for the dovetail assembly. The dovetail is a ¼” thick diamond plate material that allows the ramp of the garage to convert to a level floor.  The diamond plate dovetail stays in the Toy Hauler garage. The dovetail assembly is hinged and can be lowered to convert the floor back to a ramp. This provides versatility for the garage to be used for wheeled vehicles.  A 48 inch by 78 inch sheet of 16 gage aluminum plate is also included in the kit. This plate is installed on the floor under the kit, and is intended to stay in the Toy Hauler. The plate is used for the Stable Boy® horse stall frame and provides additional reinforcement. For additional information, please visit 810-388-9181.