Seven Creative Ways to Repurpose Barbed Wire

Courtesy of America’s Horse Daily

Step up your decor game with handcrafted pieces featuring barbed wire.

Barbed wire has an interesting history. Created as a contraption that could be used to contain “breachy” cattle and horses on the western frontier, it has since served many other purposes, such as protecting soldiers in the World Wars. Today we find more uses, but on the softer side.

Using barbed wire in crafts might not sound beautiful, but when its tough, rigid appearance is paired with more delicate elements, such as flowers and candles, something wonderful is born. When looking through the list below, get creative and imagine ways barbed wire could enhance your home both inside and out.

Grab some thick gloves, safety goggles and wire cutters, and let these inspirations guide you toward your very own masterpiece.

Wreath: Whether you neatly wrap the wire or go for a looser appearance, both ways look amazing. Add some flowers, greenery, antlers, horse shoes, rope or other clever elements to make a true one-of-a-kind and stunning piece for your front door.

Centerpiece: Do you have a weddingon the horizon? Incorporate barbed wire into the centerpieces to give a masculine balance to feminine flowers and decor.

Light Fixture: The best thing about a barbed wire light fixture is that it can be as elaborate or simple as you please. For a more festive look, try wrapping the wire in string lights rather than the traditional center bulb.

Wall Art: Using barbed wire to decorate your walls is where you can get really creative. Nail it to a board or just let it speak on its own. With a little finesse and some good gloves, you can shape the wire to create whatever your heart desires.

Candle Holder: The mingling of the jagged edges of the wire and the soft glow of the candle results in something that could be described as romantic. Depending on the look you are going for, you can either make a candle holder entirely out of wire, or you can enhance existing candles by wrapping some wire around them.

Garden Decor: Utilize old barn wood and barbed wire to make a unique planter for your porch, or (if you lack a green thumb) create a garden out of barbed wire. Barbed wire cattails, starbursts and other floral designs look great standing alone in a sidewalk garden or adding some contrast to your delicate flowerbeds.

Door Art: There is no law that demands doors be boring. Boost your curb appeal by adding barbed wire calligraphy to the openings of your screen or glass door. If you’re feeling really creative, channel your inner Charlotte and accent the corner with a little spider web.

Who knew barbed wire could be so beautiful?