September Updates from Hallmarq

Finding Success Treating the Most Difficult Cases
Often, pets affected with neurological diseases are among the most challenging cases for a general vet to treat, requiring the use of the latest technology, including MRI designed specifically for small animals. For Arizona veterinary neurologist Cody Alcott, DVM, of Tucson Veterinary Specialists, specializing in treating pets referred to him by other veterinarians makes for a busy schedule. READ MORE

5 Ways to Market Your Equine MRI Services
Many equine veterinarians and horse owners don’t have experience with standing equine MRI, so when it comes to marketing it as a service, you have to educate and provide the right information to both audiences in order to cultivate trust and change behaviors. Here’s how… READ MORE

Balancing Cost Against Caseload: MRI Services
Adding a small animal MRI service at your practice can significantly enhance your offerings, client satisfaction, patient care — and your bottom line. But before making the investment, you’ll want to ensure you have enough cases that qualify for veterinary MRI to justify the cost of the system. READ MORE

Hallmarq’s Hall of ReMARQables
The Hall of ReMARQables recognizes outstanding achievement for customers reaching their personal best scan volumes. Their reward – cake, cookies and chocolate from Hallmarq.

In no particular order, huge congratulations to:

If you’d like a place in the Hall of ReMARQables and, more importantly, to have your cake and eat it, then talk to our team about how we can help build scan volumes at your practice through our Q-Care customer support programme.

Upcoming Conferences and Sponsorship

On the 7th-9th October ACVS will start their virtual Surgery Summit with over 25 livestreamed and on-demand seminars on Small Animal, Large Animal, and more.

Join us through the 21st-24th October for the next FAEP Symposium. Tjis year they offer continuing education through both lecture and wet lab opportunities and world-class lectures.

SELP continue with their hybrid meetings, the next instalment is in Lexington, KY through 28th -30th October. This module is on the Stifle and Thigh.