Sebesta’s Rockin K Ranch

Nestled on the west end of Ramona, CA, Sebesta’s Rocking K Ranch is a “second” home to many horse loving kids throughout the year, with camps during all major school holiday breaks and the summer months of June, July and August.  Owner, Operator and Instructor Kimberly Sebesta has turned her lifelong love of horses into a lifetime of educating and sharing the wonders of the equine world through seasonal horseback riding camps and weekly lesson programs.

Sebesta’s Horseback Riding Camps offer a hands-on approach to learning about and riding horses for children 5 years old and up.  It’s one thing to watch someone saddle a horse or pick their feet, but Kim believes there’s no better way to learn than by doing.  Campers of all ability levels are welcome, with the weekly camps tailored for beginners through intermediate, as well as more targeted instruction for advanced riders.  Campers are introduced to English, Western and Bareback riding, and this is truly a “riding” camp with lots of time in the saddle.  In addition, the riders will learn techniques for navigating trail obstacles, maneuvering through horsemanship patterns and returning campers will be focused on enhancing their individual skill levels with goals toward developing competent horsemanship and competition.

 Although it’s the hands down favorite activity, riding isn’t the only focus for Sebesta’s summer horse camps.  Proper horse care is also a primary element, including nutrition, hoof care, exercise, grooming, and of course, stall mucking!  Campers learn about responsibility to the horse: just as the horses give to their riders, so must the riders give back in proper care of the horses.  They experience teamwork and make friends who sometimes attend multiple camps each year.  Returning campers will receive a discount, as do campers who sign up for multiple sessions.

What sets Sebesta’s Horseback Riding Camps apart is the positive atmosphere, hands-on participation, and leadership from the owner who is a multi-carded, multi-disciplined horse show judge…with a reputation for safety.  “Safety is our #1 priority!” says Kim.  “I love working with good horses and helping young people safely and effectively enjoy them,” she added.  One of the most interesting features at the ranch is that all horses on the ranch are geldings.  Known to be the most even-keeled and trustworthy, geldings get along well, have great attitudes and provide little “equine drama.”  Kim said it’s a luxury to be able to focus exclusively on having only geldings on the ranch – her operation is small, but highly successful…which has allowed her to make this policy a reality to promote a safe learning environment when working with young people who have yet to develop the ability to read equine body language.  It’s simply easier to deal with geldings only, so all the focus can be on learning and riding in a more predictable and safe environment.

Sebesta’s Horseback Riding Camps are available in 5 day camps throughout all of June, July and August.  In addition, both 3-day and 5-day camps are offered throughout major school breaks in the Spring, Fall and Winter.   Camp session dates and pricing information can be found on the website below.   Call or sign up online to reserve your child’s space for these special horseback riding camp experiences!  Call Kim Sebesta at 760-579-1260 and feel free to email for more information to:  Visit the website at: