Searching for the best portable corrals on the market?

Travel N Corrals – Affordable Horse Corrals

All our individual panels weigh only 15 pounds each and have all the benefits listed below to keep your horse safe and secure. Also it takes only one person when constructing the corral or loading the corral for traveling.

Our panels are notched and welded for strength so they will last for many years versus panels that expand until your horse slightly bends one and the panel will no longer open or close anymore.

Our connectors are notched and welded for strength, vs. nuts and bolts or panels that expand until your horse slightly bends one.

Our panels are connected every 7’ with a full length 4’ steel pipe rod that a horse cannot pull out vs. short pins or Velcro that the horse can work at removing.

Our panels are galvanized steel that will look the same for many years vs. painted or powder coated that can chip or scratch after several uses.

Corral size has proven to be a big factor when we conducted our safety testing and that’s why our corrals are the biggest being offered at 13’ x 13’ round so the horse can circle vs. others at 10’ x 10’ square that are just too small to leave a horse in for long periods.

We also offer double corrals and portable corrals in larger sizes up to 18 x 18’, all with the same safety features described above.

We’re confident our panels will hold up for many years– that’s why they come with a life time guarantee for the original owner vs. other panels that come with a 30 day warranty.

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