SCRCHA Grant Berg Memorial

The SCRCHA Grant Berg Memorial Horse Show was held July 7-9th at Green Acres Ranch In Temecula.  We highlight the Young Riders at this Annual show – with the Youth Riding for Free.  We saw some new young faces showing their cowhorses, and it was so fun!

The weather was remarkable, with temperatures in the moderate zone and breezes blowing and cooling off horse and rider. Fridays classes started off with Melvin Reynold winning the open Cutting aboard his Jaade and Ruby Robbins aboard Boonshine Man. The Non Pro cutting was won by the same horse & riders, respectively.  The Open Herd Work classes was a tie shared by RJ Piano Man with Chuy Roman riding for owner Rocking J Ranch Inc. and DragnReys with Roy A Rich riding for Paul R. Yoder. The Non Pro Herd Work class was won by Go Tell That Fox with owner Danielle D Stanton in the stirrups.  The Youth Herd Work was won by Cee Mr Cats Merada with rider Hayes Stroschein aboard.

The Junior Ranch Riding and AQHA Junior Ranch Riding class was won by CS Playgirls Princewith  Roy A Rich riding for S C Ranch Co Inc. Reyguns Texas Chex with owner Cynthia Vedder-Turner won the Senior Ranch Riding and the AQHA Senior Ranch Riding. Amateur Ranch Riding and AQHA Amateur Ranch Riding was won by Huckleberry Cat with owner/rider Jennifer Dawson The SCRCHA saw Sparks On The Fence with Preston Williams riding in in the newly added Steer Stopping class.

Saturday cowhorse started with Sheza VooDoo Dr ridden by Karen Stallings topping the Open Bridle Class with a whopping 149.5 score from NRCHA judge Bill Enk. The Limited Open Bridle was won by RJ Boon Docs with owner Catherine Deel in the stirrups. The Non Pro Bridle and Intermediate Non Pro Bridle was won by Arizona cowgirl Garrell Reilly riding her own good mare Sparks On The Fence.  RJ Wheres My Sock with  Lisa J. Fonden riding won the L1 Non Pro Bridle class. The Non Pro Hackamore class was awarded to Bet Shesa Playmate with Garrell Reilly riding for owner Preston Williams. Open Hackamore as well as AQHA Junior Working Cow Horse was won by DragnReys ridden by Roy A Rich for owner Paul R. Yoder. We Got The Smarts ridden by Craig A. Cowley for Mary Kay Manion  won the Snaffle Bit Class. Youth Cow Horse was won by Wreckless Rey with Ruby Robbins irding, owners Kelly E And/Or John Hannon. Open two Rein was won by Wright On Holly Time ridden by Dustin G. Turk for Rocking J Ranch Inc. Youth Boxing and Junior Youth Boxing was won by Cee Mr Cats Merada with Hayes Stroschein riding. Non Pro Boxing was won by Special Time Edition for owner/rider Menachem Stein. Box Drive and Int Non Pro Boxing was won by FTR Smart Smoke ridden by Linda A Kiernan. Paul Baker aboard RJ Wheres My Sock won the Int Non Pro Boxing.

Friday’s Herd Work and Saturday’s Cowhorse classes combined to award the following Spectacular winners in their respective Divisions:

Open Spectacular – RJ Piano Man ridden by Chuy M. Roman for owner Rocking J Ranch Inc.

Non Pro Spectacular – Sparks On The Fence ridden and owned by Garrell L. Reilly

Non Pro Boxing Spectacular – Tisa Sweet Kiss ridden and owned by Cynthia Capetillo

Youth Fence Spectacular – Wreckless Rey ridden by Ruby Robbins owners Kelly E And/Or John Hannon

Youth Boxing Spectacular – Cee Mr Cats Merada ridden by Hayes Stroschein  owner Julie A Whipple

Sunday Cow Horse classes started off with Chur Roman winning the Open Bridle aboard Half Past Boon for owner Rocking J Ranch. The Limited Open Bridle was won by Pepto And Jac ridden/owned by Preston Williams. The Non Pro Bridle, Intermediate Non Pro Bridle and L1 Non Pro Bridle classes were won by RJ Wheres My Sock for owner/rider Lisa J. Fonden. No Pro Hackamore class was won by Bet Shesa Playmate ridden by Garrell L. Reilly and owned by Preston Williams. Open Two Rein was won by Wright On Holly Time ridden by Dustin G. Turk for owner Rocking J Ranch Inc.  Youth Boxing was won by Tejons Smart Doc for rider Brylee M. Leach.  Junior Youth Boxing was won by  JA Peekaboo Pep for rider/owner Gabriana R. Wagner.

The Boxing Divisions were won by the following: Non Pro Boxing Tisa Sweet Kiss ridden by Cynthia Capetillo, Intermediate by  RJ Wheres My Sock ridden by Paul R Baker, Limited and Select weer won by Ashley F Taylor riding her Lightning Reys, and Box Drive Box was won by Alex Veen Riding her horse A Boy Name Su.

The Circuit Awards for the weekend were as follows:

Open Bridle – Half Past Boon / Rocking J / Chuy

Ltd Open Bridle – RJ Boon Docs / Catherine Deel

Non Pro Bridle – RJ Wheres My Sock / Lisa Fonden

Int. NP Bridle – RJ Wheres My Sock / Lisa Fonden

Level 1 NP Bridle – RJ Wheres My Sock / Lisa Fonden

Non Pro Hackamore – Bet Shesa Playmat / Preston Williams / Garrell Reilly

Open Two – Wright on Holly Time / Rocking J Ranch / Dustin Turk

Open Hackamore – DragnReys – Paul Yoder / Roy Rich

Ltd Open Hackamore – RJ Cat from Tokyo / Rocking J Ranch / Caitlyn Showalter

Youth Cow Horse – Wreckless Rey / Kelly and John Hannon / Ruby Robbins

Youth Boxing – Tejons Smart Doc / Lisa Dawn Leach / Brylee M.Leach

Jr Youth Boxing – JA Peekaboo Pep / Gabriana Wagner

Box Drive – FTR Smart Smoke / Linda Kiernan

NP Boxing – Tisa Sweet Kiss / Cynthia Capetillo

Int NP Boxing – RJ Wheres My Sock / Lisa Fonden / Paul Baker

Ltd NP Boxing – RJ Wheres My Sock / Lisa Fonden / Paul Baker

Select NP Boxing – Lightning Reys / Ashley Taylor / Ashley Taylor

Our last show of the year is September 7, 8, 9 at Green Acres Ranch in Temecula. Go to our website to learn more about this upcoming show.  Also check out our Facebook page for timely updates.