Scratch Me Silly™

There is nothing silly about this amazing new product! Scratch me silly was designed with the comfort of animal and human alike!

This multi-purpose tool works great on humans and animals, not only horses but all kinds, whether you are providing relief to itchy backs, legs, feet or trying to reach high up or down low, your 32” long Scratch Me Silly tool will provide that needed sigh of relief.

Scratch me Silly was originally created to assist in reaching those hard to reach areas for scratching. Since its inception, so many more uses have come to light   For people with mobility issues, this light weight tool can be used as an extension of their own hand and arm, so the individual can connect with their horse or animal they are trying to bond with. There are many who love horses but feel too nervous when getting close You now have a light weight introductory tool that gives you ease and convenience of being able to reach out and connect with the horse, without having to get right up close.

This easily has to be the best belly scratcher on the market—what a great way to make friends!

It also makes a great bath scrubber and helps to wash areas that are tough to get to.

In the case of colic and stress, after the vet has been called, it can be used to stimulate the gut and helps with the rubbing action long after your own arms would have to give up.

Sometimes you might have difficulty applying medication to a hard to reach, unsafe area.

Just cover the small end with a cloth and apply the medication. Now you’re at arm’s length, another 32”which puts you into the safe zone.

It’s many therapeutic uses as well as its lightweight design have quickly made this tool a ‘must have’ in any barn!

When it’s just about scratching that itch—get some entertainment too! Watch the faces your horse makes when you hit the right spot – you provide the relief and they provide the laugh!

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Made in USA!