Riding and Training Year-Round

ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures provides the ideal environment for riding and training year-round.

With building solutions that are made from the finest, highest- quality materials, equestrians can be sure that they will get a building that is durable and dependable. ClearSpan buildings are a superior option to traditional barns and indoor riding arenas. The structures offer a healthier environment that is naturally ventilated to reduce the amount of mold and fungus that is found in traditional buildings.

The design-build ClearSpan fabric structures are built with ultra-durable, triple-galvanized steel. They are covered by a polyethylene fabric cover that lets natural light filter through, eliminating the need for artificial daylight lighting. The structure’s design doesn’t require support posts, so customers get the maximum amount of usable space, whether it’s for riding, boarding, or any other equine purposes. ClearSpan also has a unique foundation option. Their exclusive helical anchoring system eliminates the need for expensive foundations and cuts construction time and costs by a significant amount, while also allowing them to be built anywhere. There are also a number of traditional foundation options available as well.

All of ClearSpan’s design and manufacturing is done in-house, so there is always complete control over every project. There are Truss Arch Specialists available, so customers are able to work with someone who has extensive equine experience. Between their building and equine experience, the specialists can offer valuable advice and make suggestions that the customers may have not have considered. Customers can feel certain that they’ll be satisfied with their final project.

To learn more about ClearSpan Fabric Structures, visit www.clearspan.com or call 1.866.643.1010 to speak with a Truss Arch Specialist.