Pomona Event Attracts International Retailers

Western States Horse Expo Pomona Hosts One of the Largest Expositions in the United States. Legend has it that the roads of California are lined with gold, and that there are movie stars on every street corner.

After all, the Gold Rush that changed the world started in California’s mountains, and Hollywood was the birthing place for movies. But California is also noted for another significant statistic. More people in California own horses than any other state in the USA. Historically, California is the home of Spanish Californio riding — the roots of Western riding. But today, riders excel from hunter/jumpers and dressage to barrel racing and reining. They own a huge variety of breeds and compete in every discipline imaginable, and they ride on thousands of beautiful trails. The Western States Horse Expo Pomona, February 3-5, 2017 in Pomona, California, reflects the desires of these horse enthusiasts, and showcases professional international headliners who excel in many disciplines.

“We’ve always highlighted international headliners, including Olympic medal winners. This year I’m also pleased to announce that we have a number of international vendors too, from as far away as Australia,” notes Miki Nelsen, president and founder of Horse Expo Events. “These new and exciting global vendors and products will undoubtedly be well-received by the attendees at Pomona. I know my staff and I will definitely grab some time to shop at all vendors, U.S. and international.”

The Western States Horse Expo Pomona in Pomona, California is one of the highest attended equestrian events in the USA. Started in 1998, the Sacramento event grew from a dream of Nelsen’s, a determined horsewoman and entrepreneur extraordinaire. The Pomona event began just a few years later.

“Let me state that our expos aren’t just for California vendors and attendees,” reports Nelsen. “We have vendors both big and small from across North America and now as far away as Australia. And our attendees are true horse enthusiasts who travel here from just about every state in the nation and often from abroad. We’ve always highlighted international presenters from Dressage Gold Medalists to Hunter/Jumper champions to Reining champions. And now we can claim international retailers too!”

Horse people flock to Pomona and its sister event in Sacramento (June 9-11, 2017) — the only equestrian expos in California and the only expos of this size in the western half of the United States. “Our audiences appreciate these expos and look forward to them each year,” comments Nelsen. “We know what our audience wants, and we fulfill those dreams and needs. We keep making these events better each year, with renowned international clinicians and shopping opportunities galore, now including international retailers. Our vendors fill huge buildings, in addition to outdoor displays for tractors, trailers, panels, fencing, barns — you name it. I don’t think there’s one horse-related item that isn’t represented here. And the weather is always beautiful.

It’s truly a Disneyland for horse lovers!” For more information, call 800.352.2411 or visit the websites listed below. The website for the Pomona event (February 3-5, 2017) is www.horseexpoevents.com The website for the Sacramento event (June 9-11, 2107) is www.horsexpo.com.