Olympia Footing

The OTTO Sport Base Mats are used in arenas underneath the footing and create an all weather base system allowing your arena to drain quickly in any amount of rain so you never miss any ride time. The OTTO Sport Base Mat is an arena base system that also provides more cushion and shock absorption for your horses tendons and joints.

The OTTO Sport Base Mats are also used in conjunction with the Arion Ebb & Flow by Premier Equestrian Inc. Olympia Footing LLC based in Northern California is the leading installer for both systems. Tony Judge of Olympia Footing states that “Control is the Arion Ebb & Flows main advantage.” Modeled on rising and lowering tides in nature the system delivers water to the arena from bottom to top and gives owners control over how much water is released into the arena and how much is drained out. They also control where that excess water is let out through drainage pipes that can empty a considerable distance from the arena if that best suits the property’s needs.

Thinking of these underground water systems as automated watering/drainage solution is critical to understanding how it works. “You have full control over how much water you want to add to it”. That quantity of water starts with replacing water lost to evaporation which is minimal. Beyond that the quantity varies based on what type of footing additive and sand is used and how they are blended, plus the type of riding the arena is used for and the owner’s preferences. Whatever that amount is it’s going to be small which is great for water conservation and ease of maintenance. The system has been known to use 70-80% less water than a standard system.

Some of the most important parts of maintaining your footing are the groomer and having the right amount of water. Choosing a groomer is key to maintaining the consistency of the footing. What you should look for in a groomer is something that is adjusted easily but will also allow you to control the under footing from becoming overly compacted. Key to keeping the footing together is having the right combination of moisture. This will give you the correct density and keep the fibers and textiles connected to each other.

Information about Olympia Footing LLC
Owned by Tony and Tiffany Judge started in 2014, based out of Northern California and servicing all 50 states. Tony and Tiffany both ride. They have 4 quarter horses including a 9 month old Metallic Cat filly.
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