Norco Horse Affair Is A Hit

Something for everybody at inaugural weekend gathering.

The First Annual Norco Horse Affair, presented by Fran and Bill Klovstad, owners of Thrifty Horse, was a big hit. It was held Oct. 6-8 at the George Ingalls Equestrian Event Center in “Horsetown USA,” Norco.

Crowds enjoyed watching multiple training opportunities in the two main arenas, the Breed Pavilion and the Symposium Stage. The event opened with a Breed of Nations presentation, featuring all the different breeds that were in the Breed Pavilion. The California Horsetrader Breed Pavilion also enjoyed its very own showcase featuring 16 different breeds and demonstrations.

Notably on hand were the Disney “Trolley” Horses, Gypsy, Friesians, Mustangs, Peruvian Paso, Mangalarga Marchador, Brabant, Shire, Percheron, Minis, Clydesdale and Tennessee Walking Horses. Seminars on various horsemanship topics were held inside the demonstration ring: from harnessing and braiding by Disneyland cast members to trailer safety presented by All American Trailer service manager J.T. Garoutte.

Dr. Arturo Esquivel DVM, from So Cal Equine Hospital spoke about “pain in plain English.” Purina Animal Health & Animal Health Solutions also offered talks on animal nutrition, gut health, digestive support and the importance of psyllium and what stresses horses out.

Followed up by Matt Sheridan’s clinic on Developing the Horse “Snaffle Bit & Hackamore. Other highlights included a 3-Day Eventing exhibition provided by Telesis Equestrian, Megan Gastel, and Dressage/bio-mechanics from Susie Peacock, Ranch Riding/Joline King, Linda Laird/ Partnering with your mule thru extreme trail, as well as, Sheryl Lynde, Pippa Ariss, Jerry Tindell, Sunni McCormick, Jessica Hutchings and Del Timpson. There was a hush in the audience when the Vaulting Exhibition took center stage in the Purina Arena with the American Vaulting Association.

Additional highlights included the Equine Industry Symposium, the All American Horse Challenge and the Regional Model Horse Show Championship. The latter competition drew drew contestants from as far away as Indiana, Arizona and San Francisco.

Watch for the event next year, Oct. 5-7, 2018.

Edited press release provided by Norco Horse Affair.