New Vettec ULTRA Automatic Dispensing Gun Dispenses Pour-in Pad Adhesives Consistently and Easily

Vettec, the leader in innovative sole support products for more than 20 years, has introduced the ULTRA Automatic Dispensing Gun, which applies Vettec pour-in pad products to horses.

The ULTRA Gun helps farriers, veterinarians and hoof care professionals apply fast-setting adhesive accurately and quickly. The ULTRA Gun’s automatic operation produces effortless dispensing of adhesives at a consistent flow rate and minimizes hand and wrist fatigue.

“Hoof care professionals who have tried the new ULTRA Gun are impressed with the quality and convenience of the product, as it helps them get jobs done,” says Frank Dugan, sales manager for Vettec. “The ergonomic design of the ULTRA Gun is more comfortable than standard manual dispensing guns and allows professionals to apply products accurately in the hoof cavities with less effort.”

The ULTRA Automatic Dispensing Gun allows its users to adjust how fast the product is applied with six variable speed settings. The dispensing gun comes with two rechargeable long-lasting Lithium ion batteries. Each battery can be recharged with the electric charging cord within one hour. In addition, the ULTRA Gun has a built-in light for hoof care professionals who work in low-light situations. The product is equipped with durable gears and comes with a rugged carrying case.

The Vettec ULTRA Automatic Dispensing Gun is available for purchase at select dealer locations for the M.S.R.P. of $250.

About Vettec
Vettec, based in Orange, Calif., has been developing and manufacturing products since 1952. For the last 20 years, Vettec has been developing innovative adhesive products for the veterinary industry. Vettec adhesives are high-tech and durable, yet easy to apply and fast to dry. For more information about Vettec and its products visit or call 800-483-8832. Please send dealer and wholesale inquiries to