Know Your Hoof Products

Hoof Cinch
Horse owners have an inexpensive option to relieve the pain and to fix founder and laminitis. The Hoof Cinch is a patented, metal band that tightens around the front of the hoof to stabilize the hoof capsule and prevent the hoof from flexing, which helps to eliminate the pain. Since we cannot move the coffin bone back to the hoof wall, we apply a steady, gentle pressure, to move the hoof wall back to the coffin bone. The Hoof Cinch is designed to fix the mechanical portion of the founder, but horse owners must also work with their veterinarian to determine and address the underlying problem causing the founder. The Hoof Cinch is easy to install and remains on the hoof for a minimum of 12 – 16 weeks, to allow the bone to realign. No special trimming or shoeing is required, although we do suggest keeping the heels elevated to reduce the pull on the deep flexor and help with blood flow. The bands are $60 per set and available in 3 sizes to accommodate miniatures up to draft horses. More in depth information as well as installation videos can be found on the website at or call 1-855-44CINCH.

Alvin Farrier Supply
Alvin Farrier Supply is a family owned and operated hoof care supply company and is the sole distributor of Durasole, the most effective sole toughener on the market, as well as a full line farrier supply providing a wide selection of tools, shoes, hoof care and therapeutic hoof products and supplements. We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service with friendliness and technical assistance. We have 2 locations to serve you, south of Houston in Alvin, TX and north of Houston in Tomball, TX. We have a full online catalog at and we ship daily. Check out our website or call us for more information.

New Horseshoe Serves Many Needs
Goldenwings Horseshoes are fitted to the hoof with angles usually higher than 52 degrees. This angle removes the long toe, low heel challenges providing protecting the entire hoof. The benefits extend from the sole, ligaments, tendons, knees and shoulders to the entire horse and its spine. Most lameness occurs in the front legs, with approximately 95% of that lameness problems from the knee down. Lameness in the hind legs is usually caused by problems in the hock and/or stifle. Proper trimming of the hoof and fitting of the shoe can eliminate many instances of hind leg lameness. Goldenwings Horseshoes are designed to absorb energy and shock like a catcher’s mitt and flex with each stride like the hoof capsule, an additional shock absorption by providing a concave area directly above the tip of the coffin bone to flex and absorb shock like a catcher’s mitt. This feature allows the sole to continue to perform as support, and acts as a protective pad for the sole and coffin bone with up to 14 mm thickness of flexible protection from the terrain acting to aid with prevention of stone bruising. Available on Amazon, or online at

Farrier’s Fix
Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil was developed by a farrier to draw out soreness and toughen horses’ hooves. It is an ALL NATURAL therapeutic product that is effective in treating many basic foot problems, including: sore feet, feet that are too hard and brittle, feet that are too soft, thrush, quarter cracks, laminitis and white line disease. In many cases, horses suffering from stone bruises or trimmed too short, are rideable the next day. Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil has been incredibly successful on thin-soled horses like Thoroughbreds, and barefoot horses whose feet easily get sore. Regular use helps maintain a healthy hoof and can help shoes stay on longer. It makes an ideal treatment for horses that are jumping and working on adverse surfaces. Farriers’ Fix can be used on the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog. The all natural ingredients in Farriers’ Fix balance the moisture content and allow the hoof to breathe, which is essential for a healthy hoof. It contains NO petroleum or lacquer. Farriers’ Fix is made with only high quality, natural ingredients that provide vitamins A, D & E – all essential for good quality hooves. There are no fillers in this hoof oil, each ingredient used serves a specific purpose. Primary ingredients include: Venice Turpentine; Cod Liver Oil; Wintergreen Oil; and Safflower Oil Competitors can also be assured that Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil has tested negative under FEI guidelines. And make sure to try our new product – Equine Flavor Fix!! Equine Flavor Fix is specially formulated to make medications and feed supplements taste better – without adding extra sugar!!. And it’s great to add to WATER for horses that are fussy about the taste when travelling or do not drink enough at home. Flavor Fix has proved to be a terrific product for horses ranging from Retired horses to FEI competitors. It’s unique taste takes the trouble out of feeding your picky eater.

The NO THRUSH motto is “Just Dust On” which makes sense since it is a Dry Powder. This product has drastically changed the way people deal with thrush and other bacterial and fungal coat problems on their horses and pets. Instead of adding more moisture to an already wet problem, NO THRUSH ® attacks bacteria, but also draws and absorbs excess moisture and eliminates the breeding ground. The product is not caustic, takes only seconds to use, it doesn’t stain clothing or hands, and most importantly it works. NO THRUSH® is also used to help heal Heel Cracks. Most people don’t know that all heel cracks are made by thrush. If one exists, it means that bacteria will continue to invade the cracks and cause problems. 3-4 dustings per week will take care of this problem, typically within in 20-40 days, depending on the severity of the crack. Finally No Thrush is recommended for weekly pro-active maintenance dustings, which will allow horse owners to stay ahead of the thrush cycle for good. Heath Kizzier, VP – Four Oaks Farm Ventures, Inc No Thrush / DUST ON! / NTDry / NTCanine / and (NEW) RELEASE Muscle Wash! 805-813-6257, Website: **Find product feedback on the No Thrush Facebook page!

Spurr’s Big Fix
The product you have been waiting for. Spurr’s Big Fix was developed and perfected by David and Kathy Kimbrough in the heart of Alabama horse country. In addition to both being lifelong horse enthusiasts and animal lovers, David is a highly respected, working farrier with over 45 years of experience. Spurr’s Big Fix joined The 2018 International Hoof-Care Summit as an Educational Partner! In Cincinnati, Ohio . Spurr’s Big Fix has been Nationally Recognized in 2013 and 2016 by SuperZoo as the Best New Product for Equines!! Spurr’s Big Fix is a conditioning Antiseptic Spray for Horse and Livestock Skin Care! Rain Rot? Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray is very effective for treating Rain Rot. Itchy Skin? / Bug Bites? / Skin Allergies? Spurr’s Big Fix “Hoof Fix” and Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray are both excellent for Horse Hoof Care and maintenance. We all know the old saying “no hoof no horse” and our Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray is no less than miraculous when it comes to conditioning dry, brittle or cracked hooves! And try “Hoof Fix” – it’s an awesome Hoof Conditioner! Farriers love Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray because they can simply spray it on the foot, wait a moment and trim a much more pliable hoof. American Made and Money Back Guarantee! Visit us or call 256/412-8600 or

The Outlaw Thrush Stuff
The Outlaw Thrush Stuff was designed as an aid in preventing and treating infected feet in horses. It is applied directly to the bottom of the hoof capsule. As an astringent it kills the bacteria/fungus in the hoof and dries the affected area protecting it. Works great, cost effective and strong enough to do the job even in wet conditions. Works on: Thrush, White Line, Seedy Toe, Wall Fungus, Gravel Pockets & Shearing due to laminitis. Strongest Thrush treatment you can buy! Comes in 8oz bottles. New look, same great formula! Ask for it in your local feed store or visit:

Hawthorn Products
Tender footed? Bacterial and fungal infections? No hoof growth? Hawthorne Products has been solving these problems for generations with Sole Pack and Venice Turpentine. Hawthorne Venice Turpentine Used on the sole of the hoof to toughen or harden the hoof in cases of soreness or tender footed horses. It can be painted daily on the sole of the hoof and topped with brown paper until the desired results are achieved. Hawthorne Sole Pack Hawthorne’s Sole Pack relieves hard, dry, sore hooves. It combats bacterial and fungal infections and treats white line disease. Its rapid and deep penetration helps restore and maintain the natural pliability of tough, dry and hardened tissues of the hoof while permitting expansion and contraction. • Combination of patented ingredients that aid in the prevention and destruction of bacterial and fungal infections • Fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients • Protects from further contamination, soothes damaged and fevered tissue • An effective companion to Hawthorne’s Sole Freeze when treating fungal and bacterial infections • Restores natural pliability and promotes hoof growth • Available in a dressing or packing, and multiple sizes Please visit to learn more.