Know Your Footing

The RevealL 4-N-1
Whether you manage a professional arena or ride in your backyard, the Reveal 4-N-1 will help you achieve the best footing for you and your horse. Keep riding through the tough weather conditions with the help of the Reveal 4-N-1.
The Reveal 4-N-1 is the ultimate arena and ground prep tool, hydraulically designed to make ground preparation and maintenance easier and less time consuming. A rugged hard working tool that easily attaches to your tractor and is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for day-to-day operations.
The Regular model Reveal 4-N-1 is easy to handle with most mid- sized tractors and our Heavyweight model is for larger HP tractors. A Wheel Model and the Ultimate 4-N-1 Laser Model, with an automated control system, are available upon request.
Our water kit is available for the 7’ and 8’ model and holds two 65-gallon tanks for wetting down dusty arenas and maintaining moisture.
The Reveal 4-n-1 is endorsed by the ANHA and is the official tool of the NBHA. Reveal 4-n-1, located in Mt. Orab, Ohio, believes that the quality of the product that bears their family name is always their priority. Please call for a free brochure, 937-444-2609 or visit: for more information.
Don’t be fooled by imitators. We are the original, and still the best multi-purpose tool, the Reveal 4-n-1.

Olympia Footing
Olympia Footing LLC offers a broad range of services include site consulting, new arena installation, revamping old arenas with a wide range of textiles and sands with the expertise to blend them specifically for each arena’s use, owners preference and the biomechanics of the horses working on them.
At Olympia Footing LLC we strive to provide the best arena installation and footing for our clients. With the proper layers, starting with the base, to good footing comes less wear and tear on our horses joints, tendons and overall well being. Horses are high level athletes that work extremely hard so with the proper footing you create a surface that absorbs the concussion with each step the horse takes allowing them to do their job more comfortably for both the horse and rider. Constant wear and tear on bad footing is one of the leading causes of joint, soft tissue, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.
Contact us today at 707-331-5915.

Big Sprinkler is a source for those “hard to find” commercial grade sprinkler system including heads, pumps, and accessories not available in local stores. Our wheeled sprinkler carts are an affordable solution for irrigating larger areas such as gardens, yards, playgrounds, sports fields, horse riding arenas, and much more!
Booster pumps and pre-made hose kits are also available so you can create your own irrigation system in minutes. You will see that we offer high quality, innovative products to accommodate all of your irrigation needs. Phone: (855) 805-7901, Visit Big Sprinkler here:


Micro Rain
Arena Dust Control Products for horse arenas helps both horses and riders to enjoy riding in a horse arena that is free from dust. Dust can cause allergies, coughing and discomfort. Products that control dust while you are riding your horse will enhance both the horse’s performance- and yours! Make sure you keep your horse arena free from the irritation and health hazard that dust creates… using water, sprinklers, or moisture control products helps to keep dust down. The same traveling sprinkler that you choose for dust suppression in your arena may also be used for pasture watering! Contact us today for more information! | 1-800-373-9325

Roto Harrow
Roto Harrow is an innovative, multi-purpose tool designed primarily as an outstanding harrow with which to condition and level all types of arena footing, but works equally as well in pastures, holding pens, under horse walkers, orchards, driveways….you name it!
Roto Harrow is a maintenance-free, easy to use, self-driven rotary harrow that works equally as well for any equine venue. No PTO is required which means a big savings in wear and tear on your tractor.
Roto Harrow ~ The Ultimate Arena Conditioner
Roto Harrow Arena Conditioners meet the highest standards for reliability and durability, and are guaranteed to withstand the everyday rigors of normal use. or call 209/369-8291

West Coast Rubber Recycling
GroundRubber Equestrian arena cover consists of 3/8″ to 3/4″ dust and wire free rubber nuggets manufactured by West Coast Rubber Recycling from California generated scrap tires. This unique recycled tire rubber product offers one of the safest and most resilient footings available for horses.
GroundRubber Equestrian will dramatically enhance the performance and comfort of your horses and is a top choice among Dressage and Hunter Jumpers. GroundRubber Equestrian may cost a bit more, initially, but has a virtually unlimited lifespan compared to other surfaces. GroundRubber Equestrian is impact absorbing and reduces the potential for injuries horses sustain from being ridden on hard surfaces.
GroundRubber has been shown to absorb much more impact than sand, shavings and mulch products. It effectively reduces the repeated concussion horses sustain from being ridden on hard surfaces, enabling them to perform at their best.
West Coast Rubber recycling offers complete preparation, installation and maintenance guidelines for GroundRubber Equestrian arena cover.
For more information and free estimates, call us at (831)634.2800, send an email to, send an email to or visit

Soil Moist
Horse Arena Dust Control with Soil Moist Arena Conditioner
Soil Moist granular (2-4mm) can also be used as an amendment/conditioner for equestrian riding arenas, both indoor and outdoor arenas. It is a safe, non-toxic chemical that will reduce watering by approximately 50%** and control dust.
The granular is worked into the soil at a depth of 3-5 inches, depending on the footing, at rates specified on our technical sheet, form # 150. Good initial soaking is required to insure that both the soil and the polymer absorb water. Watering routines should be normal for 5 to 7 days. Reductions and watering rates can then be established. From the initial soaking, the polymer will soften and swell. As the soil starts to dry, the polymer will release its water reservoir back to the surrounding area. As an added benefit, the continuous expansion and contraction of the polymer reduces soil compaction.
• Reduces arena watering by approximately 50%**
• Controls dust – by keeping the arena moisture level higher
• Adds bounce to the riding surface
• Lasts several seasons in the soil**
• Cost effective
• Non-irritating to the horse
• Environmentally friendly or call 1-800-962-4010.

Premier Equestrian
What Exactly Is Arena Footing? Premier Equestrian has a Simple Explanation
Horse arena footing is a critical aspect of equestrian health and performance that is often overlooked. Proper footing can make all the difference in terms of comfort, safety, and performance of both horse and rider. Unfortunately, many arenas are constructed with inadequate footing, which can lead to injuries, lameness, and poor performance.
Arena footing refers to the surface that the horse moves on. Footing quality affects the horse’s balance, stability, and movement. The footing should be firm enough to support the horse’s weight, but also soft enough to absorb impact and prevent injuries. The ideal footing will also provide good traction, which helps the horse maintain balance and reduces the risk of slips and falls.
Inadequate footing can cause a range of health issues, including soreness, strain, and even serious injuries. It can also lead to poor performance, as the horse struggles to maintain balance and move effectively. This can be frustrating for both the horse and rider and can ultimately lead to a decrease in motivation and enjoyment.
Investing in high-quality arena footing is essential for the health and performance of horses in equestrian sports. While it may require an upfront investment, the long-term benefits of a properly constructed arena are well worth it. Horse owners can prioritize the safety and wellbeing of their animals by ensuring that their arenas are constructed with high-quality footing that provides the necessary support, cushioning, and traction for optimal performance. Visit for arena footing options and to start a free consultation or call 800-611-6109.

Pro Footing California
I am an arena professional for all your arena grooming needs. I’m here to get your arenas back to their full potential. My business Pro Footing Ca has the ability to re-establish your arena sub-base. For the sports person that ropes, barrel races, or use their arenas to get the most out of their horse. I can help you with a sure footing. Some arena drags make the surface look nice, yet it leaves the actual base of the arena with clumps that your horse can feel. Our horses relay on their footing to dig, push, and get that burst they need to beat that clock. Having a well maintained arena gives that confidence to your horse because they can feel that sure footing. It helps us as rider to give commands and have them followed out without hesitation. Injuries are real and costly. We all have a great deal of time, money and love for our animals invested. That is why I have a duty to work your arena removing rocks and debris. Racking the surface down to its base. Breaking up that clumpy underneath soil and putting on that surface that your arena needs for the novice to professional athlete. Look me up at profootingca on Facebook and Instagram. Comment and I will respond back. James at Pro Footing ca., 530-790-5023