Kirk Stierwalt, Stierwalt Cattle and Clinics, Partners With Show FresH2OTM

Kirk and Juli Stierwalt, owners of Stierwalt Cattle and Clinics, and Swamp Fox Innovations, the parent company of Show FresH2O, formed a promotional partnership on July 2, 2020.

“We are promoting Show FresH2O, we aren’t selling it,” Kirk Stierwalt says, “We are always looking for something that can benefit the people we work with and meet, and Show FresH2O is a product that works.”

Along with their daughter, Kyra, and son and daughter-in-law, Ky and Hunter, Stierwalt Cattle and Clinics produces shows and clinics throughout the United States, sharing the newest information and advancements with attendees.

Raising and showing cattle and futurity barrel horses for more than 33 years, both Kirk and Juli, know the struggle of keeping livestock and horses drinking while they are on the road or in the show barn.

“When your animals aren’t drinking you will try just about anything, and that’s where we saw the immediate benefits of Show FresH2O. When we have animals that aren’t drinking at all; we add the Show FresH2O to a five- gallon bucket and those animals immediately start drinking—and when they are drinking, they are eating,” Kirk says.

The Stierwalt’s first experience with the product, a presentation given by ShowFresH2O Marketing Director, Nicole Banner, made the family believers in the product.

“Nicole talked about ShowFresH2O and handed out some samples, and there were four or five people who saw results, immediately getting their animals to drink,” Kirk says. “That’s what caught my attention. I was also impressed that the product was backed by science and research and could be safely used on any class of livestock.”

Efficacy and ease of use have made Show FresH2O a staple in the Stierwalts’ cattle and horse trailers. And that fact, paired with the requests from Stierwalt clinic attendees, made the decision to join the Show FresH2O team as a brand ambassador an easy one—promoting a product that helps both animals and their owners while sharing an advancement for the livestock showing industry.

“This is a partnership we are excited to bring to fruition,” Banner says. “The Stierwalt family’s expertise and involvement in both the barrel horse and livestock show industries will help competitors keep their animals drinking, and that is our mission at Show FresH2O.”

For more information on the partnership and Show FresH2O Water Treatment, contact
Nicole Banner at 515-296- 3507 or by visiting the Show FresH2O website at