Interesting facts about the Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious racing events in England. It can boast of a very long history that goes back to 1711 when Queen Anne was ruling the United Kingdom.

This racing event is hugely popular among Britishers who come in large numbers to Ascot Racecourse in June every year, backing their favorite horses through Bet365 Royal Ascot offers and hoping they also win something.

1- Beginning of the Royal Ascot

Queen Anne is credited for starting the famous Ascot races. The first race was run in 1711 and seven horses competed. It was called “Her Majesty’s Plate” with a purse of 100 guineas assigned.

It is said that Queen Anne herself chose the Ascot Racecourse and said, “This would be a fine place for a race.”

2- The British Royalty’s spectacular entrance

The British Royalty and the Royal Ascot have a great connection and history with each other. Remarkably, there has not been a year since its beginning when a monarch did not attend the event.

Every year, the Queen and the other royals enter the racecourse in carriages at a specified time each day. These carriages travel down the race track, carrying the royals to the most special section called the Royal Enclosure. It makes quite an impression on everyone as these important personalities enter the venue in their beautiful and regal dresses.

3- The Royal Enclosure and its dress codes

The Royal Enclosure is the most exclusive section of the Ascot Racecourse. Only very few people are allowed in that area and even they have to follow a very strict dress code. This enclosure was established in 1807 for the guests of King George III.

Its dress codes are very fascinating. Women have to dress modestly and they are not allowed to wear a strapless, halter neck and spaghetti straps etc. However, trouser suits and jumpsuits are permitted for them. While men have to wear traditional morning dress but they are not allowed to decorate or customize their hats. Although they are permitted to remove their black or grey hats in particular areas like a restaurant or a private club etc.

4- Royal Ascot is a big party for its attendees

A huge number of people (around 300,000) attend the popular racing event every year. Besides the actual racing, the venue provides a lot of fun activities for the attendees. Especially in the Village Enclosure, people can be seen enjoying food stands, concerts and entertainment stages etc.