HERO PEMF Technology

Most people are familiar with the benefits of using PEMF on our equine friends with mobile services being provided by a national network of Equine Care Specialists and Veterinarians. With the proliferation of PEMF technology in the equine market, the demand for a high powered PEMF device, at an affordable price, has never been greater. Owners and trainers are seeking out PEMF devices to use on their horses between visits by their Equine Care Specialist.As well, Equine Care Specialists are seeking out PEMF devices they can rent out to their clients between visits.

Welcome to my HERO!
My name is Vanessa Houston. I am the owner of HolistEQ Equine Bodywork & PEMF Therapy and for the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of serving the Southern California Equine Community. I recently incorporated the new HERO X1 into my practice and now I can’t imagine life without it! HERO PEMF Technology is designed for Hyper-Targeted applications on both humans and animals. When an area of the body requires a highly focused PEMF signal, the use of a traditional PEMF loop application becomes unwieldy. The area the loop covers is simply too large.

Here are some of the ways I use my HERO:
Hoof – Ability to deliver PEMF Applications from under the hoof using the Hoof Pro Kit. Poll – Reduce stress and anxiety. Jaw – Target specific areas of the jaw for TMJ issues. Stifle – Reduce pain and inflammation. Intestinal Tract – Target very specific areas of the abdomen to provide deep penetration into the intestinal tract to help with such issues as colic.

My HERO is portable, easy to operate, and most importantly, affordable, making it a realistic option for anyone that owns or works with horses. The versatility of the HERO is, hands down, what I love most about it. There’s really not much that I CAN’T do with my HERO! I’m confident when I say there isn’t a horse, rider, owner, or trainer out there that won’t benefit from having a HERO in their in their barn! www.magnusmagnetica.com/hero