Harlan Feed

Here at Harlan Feed we take pride in producing, manufacturing, and supplying our customers with a consistent product from a trustworthy source. Providing a high-quality agricultural product is not only the focus of our business, it is our heritage that stems from the creation of our family farm.

Since 1852, The Harlan family has been farming in Yolo County. In 2005 we expanded our operation to meet consumer demand for a year-round, high quality hay product. As we have become more vested in the hay market, developing methods of directly marketing our hay products has become a natural complement to our business, which spurred the creation of Harlan Feed.

Harlan Feed is a premium hay cube feed supplier. Being the producers of the hay that we process has many advantages. We can directly control not only the field quality, but also the quality of product going into the mill. All hay is tested from the field for quality and adequate warehouse storage has been added to supply our customers with product year-round. As our business has seen steady successful growth, we again have expanded our production lines to enable us to meet customers’ needs, as well as to add new blended types of hay cubes.

We understand that our customers have many choices when selecting a feed source. We invite you to take a moment to review our operation and product. Please visit our website at www.HarlanFeed.com to gain insight into who we are and why our customers have chosen Harlan Feed. Positive transformations and results are an important part of our customer feedback, and we enjoy hearing our customers’ success stories. On behalf of the Harlan Family, we thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves and we look forward to working with you in the future.

“For over ten years I have trusted my horses health and nutrition to Harlan Feed cubes. Harlan Feed produces a consistent product that keeps my horses looking great along with being one of the best companies to do business with.”
– Morgan Cromer

“Feeding the world renowned equines in our breeding program at Eurequine is one of the most important management aspects of their care. Not only do we strive to achieve the best nutrition but aim to do so in a way that is efficient, cost effective and consistent. We have fed Harlan Feed cubes to
our 50 head in the past 3 years. This includes our Elite warmblood breeding stallions with Olympic and World Cup records, broodmares and young horses. Our stallions are in high demand shipping hundreds of breeding’s across North America, the success is only possible with utmost scrutiny of our
feeding program. Consistency in feeding horses matters greatly. Harlan Feed continuously offers consistent quality in their highly palatable product with several ingredient options. Additionally, cubes are far more efficient and cost effective than hay. Efficiency starts from when we first pick up
the cubes from Harlan Feed’s Woodland, CA location. They are quickly loaded on our trailer, in and out we go. Unloading cube bags is a breeze compared to having more hay bucked into storage. Not only is it faster with less labor to unload the cubes, but also requires less space to store and is virtually mess free. From the bags the cubes go into buckets then directly to the horses, again mess free. We have never had the cubes refused, they are always consumed, again no hay mess to clean up after. Hay that is wasted during transport, stacking, storage, feeding out and uneaten hay not only requires additional labor, but is also money wasted, nobody wants that! You will not be disappointed when switching to Harlan Feed cubes.”
– Crystal Toogood and Edgar Schutte

“I have been a Harlan Feed customer since 2013. I originally switched to Harlan Feed cubes because I was having difficulty finding a good consistent quality feed for my horses. What I love about Harlan Feed cubes… First my horses are sleek, shiny and healthy. Which saves me a tremendous amount on veterinarian bills. Great consistent quality and absolutely no waste. My horses prefer Harlan Cubes to hay. It is great for feeding supplements and medications. All around it is a superior product.”
-Lori Jenkins

“I have been a Harlan Feed customer for about 4 years. We have four horses: two younger High School Rodeo horses, an older Junior Rodeo horse and my retired reining horse. I’ve owned my reining horse for 21 years. She has always been a hard keeper and never really looked good. I had put thousands
of dollars into supplements, weight builders, coat conditioners; you name it! Nothing ever made a difference. 6 months after switching to Harlan cubes this horse was a completely different horse! She was shiny, putting on weight and looking better than she’d ever had. The only thing this horse
eats is oat/alfalfa cubes from Harlan Feed. Harlan cubes are consistent in quality and nutrition. They are convenient, easy to feed and there’s zero waste. My older horses eat them with no troubles and the cubes give our performance horses the nutrition and energy they need to compete hard and remain in great shape. Cubes are easy to store and travel with. Thank you, Harlan Feed, for supplying a great feed for my horses!”
– Heather Ferrando

” I have been feeding Harlan Feed cubes for 15 years. The efficiency of conversion puts an even weight distribution on my horses, which keeps a bloom on them and keeps them ready for show. The ease of feeding, cleaning, and the ability to haul enough cubes to shows always keeps my horses on the same feed. Harlan Feed cubes are the best product I have ever fed, and I wouldn’t change.”
– Ron Emmons