Hardware Keeps the Cake Together

Courtesy of Safe-Fence

Building a good fence is like baking a cake. Any chef will tell you the quality of ingredients is the extra step that takes their cake above and beyond. At Powerfields, that same care of quality is in SAFE-FENCE Electric System, from the tape to the hardware, which gives us the confidence to give it our 20-year Warranty.

Our Polytape makes up the layers of the cake, made with high-quality monofilament specifically formulated for radical temperature conditions and the harshest UV rays. The monofilament is then interwoven with long lasting stainless-steel that keeps a more constant conductivity over a long period of time, better than aluminum or copper. The final tape has a 750-pound break-strength, which, at 825’ per roll, provides a better value/roll than our competitors.

The hardware keeps the cake together, and is designed with the same values to accommodate whatever life throws your way. From our Vinyl sleeves for T-posts or wood posts, to our insulators and tensioners, SAFE-FENCE is a fully baked system that not only works great, but looks great too. So check out SAFE-FENCE, because protecting the animals that mean so much to you should be a piece of cake.