HandsOn Bathing and Grooming Gloves

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving TLC for your horses that they will gravitate towards? HandsOn Bathing and Grooming Gloves revolutionary product is the one of a kind glove that is improving the way caregivers and pet owners groom their horses!

Entrepreneur Jay Michaelson deserves a hand for inventing HandsOn Gloves!

HandsOn Gloves has changed the way you bathe, shed and groom your beautiful horses and works wet or dry with the 5-fingered glove allowing for the perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms. Hands On Gloves stay on your hands throughout your care for your animals, and as the best shedder on the market, they easily accumulate hair.  HandsOn Gloves helps massage and stimulate circulation improving skin and coat, and they are gentle enough to the touch on sensitive contoured areas of the body.

What an impact HandsOn Gloves is making!  Users will find your animals wanting to come closer at groom time and HandsOn Gloves can help you bond with your animal.  HandsOn Gloves are carefully designed with hypo-allergenic, bio-friendly components which are clinically proven to be safe for use with humans and animals.

**Please go to their site to watch demo videos with HandsOn Gloves caring for animals–we are happy to share a sample for your review to experience and share the TLC with your horse!

HandsOn Gloves are now available in size small, medium or large.