The 2nd annual Nolan Watters Memorial Barrel Race was held once again at Riverside Rancheros in Riverside, CA, on October 6th through the 8th, 2017. The event boasted close to 900 entries over the weekend. It paid out over $75,000 and gave away over $45,000 worth of awards including a Logan 2H trailer sponsored by Renew Gold and All American Trailers, Usher brand saddles and buckles, quads, Best Ever pads, Back On Track blankets, custom Kathy’s Silver spurs, Barbara’s Custom hats and so much more.

Each day, division champions were awarded a beautiful Usher Brand buckle. All five divisions paid to 15th place and prizes were awarded down to fifth. On top of amazing awards, each day had $5,500 added, with $5,000 added to the average. The cause was certainly enough to bring in the crowds of people but the awards and money were an added bonus.

Kris Gadbois, and her super horse CRCS Regaldash, were the winners both days with a blazing time of 15.200 on Saturday, which was so fast it put only 5 riders in the 1D, earning her $1,452.00. The team ran a 15.562 on Sunday, winning $1,017.00. They set the average, winning over $834.00 in the process and gained them the chance at the horse trailer.

Each average division champion got to draw a key out of the bag, one of which would unlock the horse trailer. Gadbois drew the first key and was the first to try her luck. Her key did not open the trailer but she didn’t go home empty handed. She along with 3 other division winners won a custom Usher brand saddle, Professional Choice 4pack leg boots, custom bronc halters, Forco Feed supplements, Hansbro leg wraps, Horse Sense Shampoo 4 packs, and Renew Gold Bisquits.

Our 3D average winner Hayden Jefferies was the lucky winner of the horse trailer. The smile on her face was priceless as her key turned and the trailer door opened, with a little help from Kris Gadbois. Hayden and her horse, Lyles Dasher won $615 in the average, but winning a horse trailer at 8 years old is something she will always remember.

Christina Swan on her mare, Bay Traffic took home the 4D average champion win. This saddle win was extra special for Christina. 4 years ago she won her last saddle with her grandfather there watching. Two days later he committed suicide. “I made  sure my gramps rode with me both runs as I wore his 1988 (year I was born) square dancing pen (his favorite past time)”, Swan said, “We walked away with the 4D Average win. A saddle I am very excited about, not to mention experiencing ALMOST winning a trailer. If you haven’t yet attended the Nolan Watters Memorial barrel race I HIGHLY recommend it. Such an awesome welcoming crew, perfectly ran, good ground & an overall Epic Event.”

2017 Average 1st Place Winners
2017 Average 2nd Place Winners
2017 Average 3rd Place Winners
2017 Average 4th Place Winners
2017 Average 5th Place Winners

One of the most touching events this year was when the board presented a custom halter, made by Amanda Warren, to MacKenzie Lee. Mackenzie lost her father to suicide several months ago and was strong enough to attend the race and ride. “We were so proud to have Mackenzie at the race this year,” David Renier said, “we know how hard it is on her and we wanted to make sure she left with something special to remind her she isn’t alone.”

New in 2017 was the Youth Challenge, sponsored by American Family Feed. The board challenged all the kids to get sponsorships outside the horse community all year long. For every $20 in sponsorships they brought in they were given a raffle ticket for fun prizes. 21 kids participated this year in the Youth Challenge and they brought in over $9,500 in sponsorships!

The board made sure the kids had some great raffle prizes like Troxel helmets, grooming buckets donated by Jamul, head phones, Hoofies, PRO saddle pad, splint boots and the grand prize a custom tack set by Bling My Ride. “These kids worked hard and we were so proud of them,” said Denise Munson, “some brought in their own money and even bags of change.”

There were many activities throughout the weekend that added to this Epic event. Not only did exhibitors get to run their horses at a phenomenal venue, but other happenings made the occasion even more exciting. Saturday evening after the race, Bernardo Winery, owned by Selena and Rick Roberts, hosted the social party. Festivities included a taco dinner and beautiful love and be loved wine glasses, donated by Bernardo Winery. Saturday from noon until 6:00pm, a silent auction was held and coordinated by volunteer, Jeannie Malone, who had spent a year gathering up items. She did an amazing job setting them all into a beautiful presentation to help earn money for the cause. The silent auction made over $9,000, while the custom painted barrels for the event, donated by Dawn Colwell of AAA Paint and Body, were auctioned live bringing in $1,000.

This year the board put a twist on the donated breedings. They sold a limited number of raffle tickets to each stallion and on Saturday night in the main arena they set out tennis balls with those numbers written on them. David Renier’s dog, Parker, sat on the other side of the arena and when let go, she went and chose a ball from the pile and brought back the winning number. There were three stallions offered this year. Slick By Design, donated by Highpoint Performance, Mulberry Fame, donated by Scottie Johnson, and Repete Offender, donated by Danyelle Campbell. “It was a big hit with the crowd and a fun way to pick the winner of each raffle,” said Denise.

An event of this scale is in no way possible without a board of directors. Munson says, “It was a lot of blood and sweat, but the whole event ran like clockwork and everything went amazing.”

The Board of Directors included David Renier, Denise Munson, Virginia McClintock, Tana Castro, and Jamie Harris. Working like a “well-oiled machine,” as Munson says, the board was the driving force behind the event and assured that it went off without a hitch. The event couldn’t happen without the help of some amazing volunteers who assisted in all of the “behind-the-scenes” action. “We had so many wonderful people that helped us with everything from office work to picking up trash,” sayd Munson, “Without them this event would not happen. We can’t thank them enough.” Shaun Sandoval and Culp Shirley prepped the course and ran the tractor all weekend making sure that the ground was perfect for each and every rider.

The Nolan Watters Memorial partnered once again with the “With Hope Foundation”, which, are both nonprofit organizations dedicated to suicide prevention through improving mental health support services and education throughout our community. “With Hope” provides services such as programs for school-age students to educate about mental illness.

“This is a charity that is truly saving lives,” board of director’s member and event coordinator Denise Munson says. “We are so excited to have raised $30,000 again this year and it feels awesome knowing that all our hard work will help so many,” says Munson. Some of the money raised from the event will also go towards therapy for people who are unable to afford the help they need. “We were touched this year by so many people that have lost loved ones to this horrible disease,” says Munson, “ we can’t stress enough the importance of helping those who suffer from mental illness or depression.”

This event is so much more than just a barrel race. Everyone who attends this epic event is there to support the cause and you can feel the energy flow throughout the entire weekend. Love and be loved.

Thank you to our Epic Sponsors: Spurr Ranch, AAA Arroyo Air, Forco, Renew Gold, Professional Choice, Bernardo Winery, Kathy’s Silver, Crown Royal Farms, Nutena, Bootbarn,, Barbara’s Hats, Burns Saddlery, Finish Line, We Got Hay, Troxel Helmets, Embee Performance, Carter’s Hay & Grain, The Rowdy Rose, Summit Equipment, Creekside Vet, OxyGen, Equerry’s, Forefront, FourFlex, Diamond Bar Arena, Horseman’s News, HandsOn Gloves

Open Average Results

1D Placings
1st 30.762 $834.00 Kris Gadbois on CRCS Regaldash
2nd 30.998 $713.00 Kelli Kamm on Jackson
3rd 31.420 $632.00 Seanna Inderbieten on Pavos Salero
4th 31.459 $551.00 Leah Baize on Nicks Star Player
5th 31.534 $450.00 Kristen Weaver-Brown on Get R Dun It
6th 31.657 $349.00 Virginia McClintock on Nip it Now
7th 31.706 $268.00 Kathy Petska on Jeffrey
8th 31.753 $248.00 Cassidy Champlin on Casady

2D Placings
1st 31.807 $707.00 Cheyenne Lindsey on Pritzi Will Go
2nd 31.831 $596.00 Toni Miller on Bugs N Fame
3rd 31.842 $521.00 Emily Hannaford on Chasin My Youth
4th 31.875 $447.00 Alyssa Conklin on Jets Skipping Stick
5th 31.925 $354.00 Kris Gadbois on Sheza Frenchman Guy
6th 32.000 $261.00 Payton Bladow on Docs Lena Rey
7th 32.037 $186.00 Stephanie Dial on Teller
8th 32.164 $167.00 Kathy Petska on Bugsy
9th 32.166 $140.00 Kylie Blackmore on Page Me Im Fancy
Tie 32.166 $140.00 Ginia Koons on Stashin A Lil Cash
11th 32.170 $112.00 Maddy Munson on Secret
12th 32.176 $ 93.00 Krista Williams on El Cachurro

3D Placings
1st 32.784 $615.00 Hayden Jefferies on Lyles Dasher
2nd 32.786 $518.00 Samantha Hornberger on Washakie Just Tru
3rd 32.787 $453.00 Robin Cary on Heza Splash A Dash
4th 32.843 $388.00 Tilly Jenski on BR Phantoms Rose
5th 32.847 $307.00 Taylor Lamb on Bing
6th 32.848 $227.00 McKayla Brown on Travelin Chic Olena
7th 32.851 $162.00 Amy Singh on Azure Smokoing Te
8th 32.863 $146.00 Sammie Morisoli on Nics Chexy Cowgirl
9th 32.948 $129.00 Cindy Gereaux on Lilla
10th 32.967 $113.00 Cheryl Clower on Power N Fast
11th 32.996 $ 97.00 Payton Lopez on KN Dig This
12th 33.006 $ 81.00 Emily Hannaford on Hollywood Heatwave

4D Placings
1st 33.791 $553.00 Christina Swan on Bay Traffic
2nd 33.813 $466.00 Tori Ramirez on Wright On Scarlett
3rd 33.816 $379.00 Belinda Bates on Porshe
Tie 33.816 $379.00 Mindy Jeffries on Blackie
5th 33.830 $277.00 Reba Pugliese on Diesel
6th 33.850 $204.00 Mary Ellen Hannon on Shakem Up Pat
7th 33.864 $146.00 Annette Turner on LL Go streakin Doll
8th 33.870 $131.00 Ashley Fairhurst on Sinder
9th 33.878 $117.00 Robin Reeh on Smoken Hot Cat
10th 33.883 $102.00 Charlie Thompson on Tiny
11th 33.923 $ 87.00 Jaden Usher on Hick
12th 33.935 $ 73.00 Amber Bustamante on Streakin OMG

5D Placings
1st 34.784 $430.00 Duetta Langevin on Hemi
2nd 34.805 $362.00 Jimmy Daurio on Sunny All Day
3rd 34.809 $317.00 Kate Herrera on Cowboy
4th 34.810 $272.00 Karen Tusler on Elliedoc
5th 34.812 $215.00 Katie Denny on Carlittas Cash
6th 34.813 $159.00 Lisa Rapier on Austin Six
7th 34.868 $113.00 Sharon Edstrom on Sliders Joker
8th 34.870 $102.00 Carissa Miller on Dasher
9th 34.883 $ 91.00 Pepe Lozada on Mover
10th 34.885 $ 79.00 Barbara Patton on Little Strait Diamond
11th 34.895 $ 68.00 Dora Denning on Gypsy Roan N Cooke
12th 34.909 $ 57.00 Robin Butler on Lenas Effort

See you for next year’s Nolan Watters Memorial Barrel Race. For additional information, visit the Nolan Watters Memorial Barrel Race page on Facebook, the web site or contact us