Farnam’s Dual Defense™ Offers Peace-of-Mind Protection for Both Horse and Rider

Don’t let concerns about insect-borne disease ruin your summer. Farnam’s Dual Defense™ Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider lets you quit worrying and keep riding.

 “Horse owners are greatly concerned about Lyme disease, as well as Zika and West Nile viruses, so having one product that’s proven effective for both horses and humans is ultra-convenient,” notes Tina Anderson, Director of New Product Strategy & Development – Equine for Farnam.

Dual Defense™ Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider provides long-lasting 12-hour protection from mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile, chikungunya, dengue, and Zika viruses, and ticks that may carry Lyme disease, plus 8-hour protection from a variety of biting flies, chiggers and Scottish biting midges.

The EPA-registered active ingredient in Dual Defense™ Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider is picaridin, which is known for its efficacy. In addition, picaridin is reportedly less irritating to sensitive skin than repellents containing DEET.

“Not only can this well-known active ingredient be used on the whole family, it also provides great repellency for horses at the same time. You can use it on your children, as well as your horses to protect them and you don’t have to keep reapplying it,” says Anderson.

Any insect repellent is only as good as the application process and Farnam’s new EquiVeil™ 360° continuous spray bottle provides efficient application at any angle, even upside down. It’s perfect for hard-to-reach areas, including under the horse’s belly and inside the back legs. Simply shake and spray for a fine, even mist that provides uniform coverage for ultimate protection of your horse and everyone in your family.

Never greasy or sticky, Dual Defense™ Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider has a mild, pleasant scent and won’t damage leather tack or synthetic materials. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

To learn more about Dual Defense™ Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider and protection from insect pests, visit www.farnam.com 

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