Famous Triple Crown winners: Citation, Secretariat, and Affirmed

Winning the Triple Crown is a great honor for any racehorse. So far, thirteen horses have performed this rare feat and immortalized their name in the history of the competition. Besides winning everlasting glory, they also earned a big amount of money for their owners.

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1- Citation

Citation was the first horse in history who earned one million dollars through horse racing. He also became quite famous for winning 16 consecutive races in major horse race competition. He kicked things off at the Kentucky Derby with Coaltown posing him a great challenge. At one point, his stablemate gained an advantage of six lengths over Citation, but Eddie Arcaro’s horse pulled ahead of him soon and won easily by 3.5 lengths.

At the Preakness, Citation’s rival horses failed to pose him any threat and once again he eased to victory by 5.5 lengths. And before the start of the Belmont Stakes, he registered one more victory in the Jersey Stakes.

Competing in so many races should have affected his stamina, but he remained unaffected and won the Belmont Stakes by eight lengths. This way, he became the 8th American Triple Crown winner.

2- Secretariat

Secretariat is arguably the most famous Triple Crown winner. He set records in all the three races of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes by winning in the most comprehensive manner.

Before the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Sham was regarded as the favorite to win the race as he had already defeated Secretariat at the Wood Memorial. However, when the actual contest began, Sham looked no true competitor to Secretariat who finished the race in record time. He was just as impressive at the Preakness and Sham had to settle for second place.

Secretariat’s greatest victory came at the Belmont Stakes where he had established a 31 lengths gap by the time he got to the finish line.

3- Affirmed

One can’t talk about Affirmed’s achievements without bringing in the valiant Alydar. The pair are inseparable just like they appeared while competing in the three Triple Crown races. Affirmed won all the three prestigious races but Alydar wasn’t any less brilliant.

In the Kentucky Derby, Affirmed won by only one length while Alydar settled for the second place. The result was the same at the Preakness with Affirmed prevailing by a neck. Both legendary horses made the Belmont Stakes all about themselves too. Only the race brought more heartbreak for Alydar as he missed out winning by a head then.