Everyone is Welcome at the WINE COUNTRY CLASSIC Horse Show

When friends Amanda Latta and Cheryl Croasmun could not find a Southern California horse show that combined all of their favorite events, they decided to create it!

Wine Country Classic was created from that idea – a big tent that would encompass and welcome horses from all disciplines with events that cater to beginners to professionals.

And the most important requirement – it must be FUN for EVERYONE!

Having just wrapped up their third show hosted by California Ranch Company in Temecula, they got rave reviews from show attendees and spectators.

“Horse shows are expensive and time consuming. If someone commits to coming to our show, we want to make sure they get their money’s worth and have a great time for their entire family,” states Cheryl Croasmun.

Fun is a major component of this show every time. There are evening activities every night of the show which have included group trail rides through Wine Country, chili dinners, hula dancing demonstrations and lessons, mechanical bull riding, Bluegrass bands, and more!

“We try to outdo ourselves with the entertainment every time. It’s a personal challenge that keeps us on our toes and makes it more fun for everyone.” Amanada Latta giggles a little when she says this. Her infectious grin tells me that this may be her favorite part of running this show.

At their last show in March, they expanded their offerings to include cow work. “It’s always something we’ve talked about, but were not able to source the cows easily.   Luckily, CRC helped us connect with one of their vendors and we were able to hold a cow clinic for the Wine Country Classic group”.

The upcoming show will include a clinic and Ranch Cow classes as well as a Working Equitation Cow Phase. And the theme for the September show … well let’s just say it may be a first for the CRC show grounds! You won’t want to miss this!

If you’re looking for a horse show that is family friendly, offers nearly every discipline under the sun, is FUN, and run by two of the most delightful people in the horse show world, you should put the Wine Country Classic Dates on your calendar.

At the September 1-3, 2023 show, they will offer:

  • Dressage
  • Western Dressage
  • Working Equitation
  • Ranch Riding Classes through WCRH
  • Ranch cow
  • Working Equitation Cow Phase
  • Open breed classes that include:
    • Western Pleasure & Equation
    • Hunt Seat
    • Saddleseat
    • Country Pleasure
    • Gaited horses
    • Dressage suitability & hack
    • … and more.

You can find information on Facebook or their website at http://www.wcchorseshow.com

By Christie Ludwig